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A Thought to Ponder

A Boy's Prayer

A little boy who had just learned the alphabet was one Sunday morning seen out on the hillside, with his hands clasped together and his eyes closed.  He was repeating the letters of the alphabet over and over.  The missionary drew near and asked him what it meant.  He replied,  "I was praying."  "But why," replied the missionary,  "did you repeat the alphabet?"  "Well," he said,  "I felt that I must pray, and as I knew no prayer, I just said the letters of the alphabet, knowing that the great God would put them into words for me."....from the Canadian Epworth Era.

A lesson for us all is this.....when you are having trouble trying to express your thoughts and needs to the Lord.....Don't worry about the right way of praying or picking out just the right words as He will understand.  God isn't concerned with your eloquence ... He's concerned with your heart.

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