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These books are offered here as a outreach to the Christian Community.  Forgotten Word Ministries receives no compensation of any kind from the sale of these books.  We list them here as a service to Christians and to help these new authors get their books out to the reading public. Not everything in these books agrees with the opinions of Forgotten Word Ministries and as such we expect you to check out the reviews of the book before purchase. If you are an author and wish your book to be listed here FREE of charge, please contact us at   We offer this FREE service to help Christian authors advance their books in hope it will be a blessing to Christians and non-Christians alike in their knowledge of Christ and His Word.


Modern Christianity Corrupted
by Bob Klingenberg
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I just loved this book.  If you have questions about what is going on in the church world today.....this book will enlighten you immensely!

Hospital for Sinners:
by Tom Wright
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Hospital for Sinners is a easy to understand book you will not want to put down.  Telling it like it is without compromise.  Highly recommend to all those searching to discern the truth in the Churches.
Storm Warnings
by Gary Morris
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I could NOT put this book down.  What a wonderful read.  Excellent true life experience and how to handle the pitfalls which hit us when least expected.  Highly recommended!
Your Sons O Zion
 by Theodorah Villion 
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Biblical Logic
by Joel McDurmon
Christianity in the United States
by Daniel Dorchester
The Church of Jezebel
by Derik Girdwood
Though a work of fiction, this book truly relates to what is corrupt in the Modern Churches today.
Laws of the Ancient Hebrews
by E. C. Wines
Post Cards From Another Gospel
by James Barry Baab
WOW...what a great book!  Easy to read and understand, James Baab helps us to understand more easily what is happening in the Church world today! 
Lives of the Presidents of the U.S.
by John S. C. Abbott & Russell H. Conwell
Twenty-One Presidents are covered in this book concerning their beliefs for this great Country.
The Book of Revelation Made Easy
by Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.
Don't understand the Book of Revelation?  Lots of people don' are not alone.  This book will help you to understand some of the mysteries.
Unconditional Surrender
by Gary North
A good book to read when our questions about how to live our daily lives with God seem to have no answers!
Walk Free
by JoAnne E. Billison
An excellent book with a down to earth explanation of how to cope with difficulties and changes in our everyday life with the Help of God. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a hectic and confused life.


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