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Fellow Christians, things are getting very hairy in our great nation.  On the secular front, sixteen trillion dollars in debt and a weak economy are threatening to drag our nation into an economic depression we may never get out of.  Morally and spiritually, we are headed toward bankruptcy as we abandon the Judeo-Christian laws and principles our nation was founded upon.  Fifty two million murdered babies and a seemingly unstoppable march to dismantle biblical marriage are leading this nation toward a complete abandonment of God’s ways and teachings.

The Middle East teeters on the brink of a war that will drag the world into World War Three—the great battle prophesied in Ezekiel.  And in the midst of radical Islamic terrorism that threatens Israel and our nation, our political leaders apologize for our values, capitulating to terrorist thugs at every turn.

The church in this nation—part of the bride of Christ—opens its arms and embraces Islam, a religion of anti-christ, because we value the peace of man more than the truth of God.  We abandoned millions of children over the past 40 years who were aborted, we are abandoning the biblical institution of marriage, and now we open our arms and try to find common ground with a religion that denies Jesus as the Son of God.

We have a government openly attacking the religious freedoms of Christians, while it goes out of its way to protect a religion that openly states it must conquer and control the world politically, economically and religiously.

At times like these, as in all times, we must return to the anchor of truth—God’s Word.  In Romans Chapter One, Paul states that the wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness.  Can there be any doubt we in this nation are participating in this wickedness?  What would allow us to think God will bless us as a nation when our leaders and many churches are going out of their way to link with a religion of anti-christ, and stand silent as innocent children are murdered and biblical marriage being thrown to the curb?

Will America’s leaders wake up?  Don’t count on it. Will our church leaders wake up?  I sincerely hope so.  The fate of this nation and the institutionalized church in America sways in the balance, waiting for God’s people to stand up and say “no more!”  The church was charged by our founding fathers to stand in the gap and make sure the government and culture did not sway from God’s teachings—and folks the church is failing in that charge.

If this great nation falls, it is because Christians failed to stand up for the truth of the Bible.  We can blame the secular media, Hollywood, the government or public schools—but it is we who call ourselves children of God who have allowed this nation to fall into apostasy.  We asked for leaders who would tickle our itching ears—and now we have what we asked for.  Our political and many spiritual leaders have led us to the brink of apostasy and destruction, fulfilling the desires of our wicked and deceitful hearts.

Is there time to turn things around?  Well with God all things are possible.  But God requires real repentance of our wicked ways before He will hear our prayers—and I just don’t know if His people are up for that.  We seem more concerned with our individual lot in life than we do in standing up for His truth and righteousness.  If that continues, brace yourselves—because things are about to get real hairy.

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