"If  I never see you again this side of heaven, I'll see you at the roll call".  Favorite saying of Pastor Howard Wise

The sermons below are not in any particular order.  They were preserved on cassette tapes and I was given the honor of transferring them to CD format for the family.  The family was gracious enough to allow me to post them on our Ministry site for you to enjoy and learn from.  We will be adding sermons as quick as we transfer them from the cassette format.  Left click to listen to message.  It will take a moment to load so be patient.  If you wish to  download the Sermon to your computer to listen to later, right click and choose save target as.

The messages are the copyright of the Howard E. Wise Estate.  No commercial use of these messages is allowed without written permission of the Howard E. Wise Estate.  Personal use and downloading to share with others is permitted free of charge with our blessings.  Please contact fwm@adams.net for further information on commercial use.

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Robert Wise
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Abraham Simon Grace of God Christmas 1989
Hid in the Background 1990 My Will or God's Will?  1990 The Risk of Loving Again  1990 Is Your Life Triumphant? 1990
You're Not Finished Yet   1997 Our High Priest Has God Called Us To Work Fathers' Day
What Happens Next? The Bread and the Cup What Makes You Run Like You Do?  1990 Lamb of God
Powerful Message!
Are You Consistent? You're a Good Kid The Proven Authority The Prodigal Son
Pride God's Continual Blessings The Tax Collector Assembling Together
Eternal Security Sufficient For Thee The Coming of the Lord Abiding Joy
Obedience To God Evaluating God's Promise Keep The Faith Time
God is Everywhere Can You Drink of this Cup God's Laymen A Message for Everyone
God's Inseparable Love Paul The Lord's Requirement * Time To Remember *
The Outward Man * Gain by Giving * What Do You Know * Revival *
On Jesus' Side * Jesus is Coming *    
      Last Sermon Preached before Retirement
This Sermon is very touching as it was the last one HEW preached at his Church before retirement due to illness.  You can tell from the message and the parts when he struggled to keep his composure that it was a very difficult sermon to preach.

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