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Imagine a place on earth that never saw the sun.  Day in, day out, it is covered with thick clouds.  From the time a person was born until the time he died he never saw even a glimpse of the sun.  Suppose you visited this place and tried to convince the inhabitants of the the reality, the beauty, and the power of the sun.  “Where I come from,” you say, “a huge yellow ball rises up over the sea each day and floats across the sky, no strings attached, giving warmth and light to those upon the earth.  The reason you don't experience it is because you are cut off from it by the clouds.”  Although the thought may seem fantastic to those people, the fact that they don't believe in it does not change the reality that it exists.


So it is with the Bible.  Just because many do not believe in the Bible and what it says, doesn't change the fact that it is real and it is true.  Our lives are hanging in the balance between good (God) and evil (Satan).  Some may think that life is just what we see and hear around us, but there is more.  We just don't see it therefore some just won't believe it.


John 14:6,  “Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man come to the Father, but by me”.

Here it is plainly spoken, that whether one believe it or not, the truth is: Jesus is the only way.


 Ask yourself thisDo I believe wholly in Him or just whenever it suits me?


Till next time,
God Bless

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