I am posting this section because I found it so interesting how one small incident can cause so much activity on the Internet.  The comments here are not necessarily all agreed on by me, but I did find it interesting and thought you may also.  Needless to say, these comments are not Joel Osteen favorable but are nonetheless, someone's opinions and I suppose everyone is entitled to one.  Aren't they?

UPDATE: Victoria disagrees with FBI assessment of incident.

In a statement posted on the Lakewood Church Web site, Osteen says: "Regardless of how some have portrayed the situation, please know that it was truly a minor misunderstanding and did not escalate into what you saw or read in the news. Contrary to those reports, it was my choice to remove myself from the situation. Nonetheless, it was a most unfortunate event and I truly regret that it happened."

A statement from Continental said the situation was resolved and a spokeswoman would not elaborate. The FBI reviewed a report from the airline and determined that no illegal activity had occurred, FBI spokeswoman Luz Garcia said.

"She failed to comply with the flight attendant's instructions, and they were asked to leave the flight," Garcia said Tuesday  see full letter by Victoria Osteen

Blogger Comments:

Beware of the Church of the Perpetual Building Fund/Large Screen Viewing necessary to see the minister type Churches. Reminds me of the two old guys at the back of the crowd in the movie Life of Brian. The one old guy says to the other, “What did he say?”
Other guy answers, “He said blessed are the CHEESEMAKERS”. 1st old guy says “Cheesemakers? What’s so special about cheesemakers?”. 2nd old guy says, “You’re not supposed to take that literally. He means all dairy products”.

"When you’re too far away from God, something gets lost in the translation".  I believe this little saying relates to the mega churches also.  Something gets lost in the distance and confusion.

I live outside of Houston and recently drove through there. I passed by Lakewood and just from looking at the outside I could see some serious cash was spent on that place.

But the thing that stood out to me the most and what I found disturbing was seeing Joel Osteen’s name plastered in big letters with fancy lighting on the side of the building. Is this Lakewood Church or Joel Osteen’s church? As only the pastor, I was surprised to see his name so prominently placed…like there’s no way to miss it. As a former member of the Mormon church (LDS), I know cult-think. And this place sure smells like it. I gave 15-20% of my income (Mormons are asked for much more than just 10% and it goes straight to Salt Lake City with no accountability) for many years like a fool, so when I see these mega-churches supporting these rich pastors I just feel really sorry for the poor folks who have no money but faithfully give all they can.

I suppose that the excuse used would be that Joel's name is a drawing card.  So maybe is his ego?

I used to listen to his Dad. I listened to Joel twice since then. His message is not the same as his Dad’s. Reminds me of Dr. Phil. In fact I just looked at Lakewood’s and Joel Osteen’s web sights to see what they offered for sale. Not one book/cd/dvd/or tape about the Bible or Jesus or God. All self help stuff.

Nope not his Dad at all.

I couldn't agree with this person more.  I never thought of the Dr. Phil angle but tis true.

According to some witnesses quoted by the Vail Daily News, Joel was calm while his wife was going bonkers.  Joel should have stepped up and calmed his wife down as a husband should do in this type of situation.

Not henpecked jah, not Christian would be more like it. Thus sayeth the scriptures, a woman is supposed to obey her husband.

I’ve not read the book but googled the Osteens and came up with a Joel quote from from his best seller: “In his book, Osteen talks about how his wife, Victoria, a striking blonde who dresses fashionably, wanted to buy a fancy house some years ago, before the money rolled in. He thought it wasn’t possible. “But Victoria had more faith,” he wrote. “She convinced me we could live in an elegant home…and several years later, it did come to pass.”"

This may be true that Victoria had more faith, but sounds like they were just lucky they could make ends meet when their income level didn't really fit the purchase.

Wonder why Osteen is having to fly commercial? He should have his own Gulftream like the other mega-preachers.

I do not know what Joel's plans are, but it would not surprise me to see this happen in the near future.

I used to really like Lakewood I have been their many times under his dad John. His door was always open as a pastor. Now you cannot even talk to Joel as your pastor you have to his staff because he is to busy. His dad would not of done that and Dodie his father's wife does not have an attitude like Victoria does.. I think this is just the tip of the ice burg and believe this is the beginning of the end. You cannot be a Christian and preach without talking and walking the same walk.

Time will tell as always.

The Reverend Got-it-rite, long-time pastor of First Baptist died a few years ago and was short-stopped at the pearly gates by St. Peter because he could not find Got-it-rite's name in any of his “good books.” Nothing under S for ’salvation,’ nothing under P for ‘preacher’, nothing under B for ‘baptising’ etc. Got-it-rite screamed, well look in all your books…my name has gotta be there! Several hours passed and St. Peter returned to a very, very frustrated Got-it-rite. Reverend, I am so very sorry it took so long to locate your name and deeds but I did, so come on in. Relieved, Got-it-rite entered and muttered, “where did you find me?” St. Peter replied, under “real-estate entrepreneurs.”

Feagy, at some point in the recent past, Osteen became the church. They even launched a new website www.joelosteen.com. A lot of Christians (and Lakewood attendees) disapprove of how people are “worshipping” Joel instead of Jesus.

And so they should.

It doesn’t matter if the money came from book sales. The line is so blurred that anything Joel has comes from his role as pastor of Lakewood. There’d be no book if he hadn’t become pastor.

I’m telling you from personal experience, I’m so sick of this type of thing, and I won’t give a dime to any church that operates like this.

Regardless of where the money came from and I am without a doubt sure that the income is a direct result of the Lakewood church, Joel is obligated to be a good steward of his finances.  He is also obligated to use his excess to help the poor and to use it to further spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have been in and around the “business” of Christianity for several years now. The things I’ve seen would make your head spin (not shake).

How can a pastor in good conscience solicit money from people who can’t afford it, then “waste” it on this type of extravagance? And a week before Christmas? Isn’t this “Prime Time” for saving souls (along with Easter)?

It reeks. Period.

A lot of people say it doesn't matter what time of year it was but, I disagree.  A week before Christmas is a time for Pastors to be available to their congregations for this is the time of year when people will seek help when they may not at another time.

Moose, I take a shot at your question. I have always had a skeptical eye where the mega churches are concerned. The church I belong is far from Mega, most of the excess funds are used to further the “word” of God, and to do good where good needs to be done. I see these huge Mega churchs where it seems to me growth is for growth sake. I don’t know how Lakewood spends its money. I don’t think many people do as they are closely “held” among the Osteen family.

I think the question comes in play when the Osteens fly four people first class. The cost of that trip would be close to six grand if they paid standard fare for first class travel. I bet there were Lakewood members who tithe regularly sitting in coach, while the Osteens traveled First class.

That is a possibility and I agree that extravagance is not proper.  See savings below.

On a whim I checked the fare with a month advance for four people first class to Vail (where flight 1602 was headed, actually Eagle co. airport, might have been aspen) Total fare for four first class is 5912.00

Coach fare for four persons on same flight is total 1348.00.

A difference of $4564   Now that is a lot of money that could have easily went to help some really poor and hurting people in the Houston area or some other area of the country, maybe some people right in his own church who had hardly nothing for Christmas.

Some more thoughts…

Besides Joel’s name being plastered prominently on the side of Lakewood, his name is seen all over Lakewood’s website as well. Again, is this Lakewood Church or The Joel Osteen Church?

In the bookstore on his website there’s plenty of Joel’s self-help books available but NO Bible, NO Bible Study Guides, NO books about Biblical principles or people…nothing of the sort. While it may be true Osteen doesn’t receive a salary (I don’t know) it is definitely true that he uses the church to promote himself and his books. It’s not about Jesus, it’s about Joel Osteen.

Click on the Apparel section and you’ll get the message: “Joel Osteen Ministries logo hats, shirts, and other Apparel Coming Soon!” LOGO HATS? SHIRTS? WHAT THE…?! That’s bizarre. I can see a Lakewood logo, but Joel Osteen? If that doesn’t smack of Swaggart and Tammy & Jimmy, I don’t know what does.

Click on the Events section and you’ll see you can go see Joel in other cities for $10 a pop. Yep, that’s right…it’s going to cost you $10 to see this guy. And he preaches the same message as he does on Sunday but charges you for it. How nice for the poor folk who get by on welfare. Sorry poor people, no Joel Osteen for you, you’re too poor. (In a round-about way he even admits as much in the Larry King interview.)

Speaking of the Larry King interview, the one thing that stands out there is Joel actually seems like a decent guy. His wife seems to be a piece of work, but Joel seems genuinely nice. So maybe he’s just getting some seriously bad advice or else he truly is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Or maybe he’s under immense pressure to keep his wife in Neiman Marcus fashions. I don’t know.

Did anyone catch what Victoria Osteen said in the Larry King interview (which in light of recent events sounds rather funny now):

“You see, if you have someone in your life today, and you don’t like the way they’re treating you, I want to encourage you to take a look at how you’re treating them. If you will begin to treat them differently, then you will get a different response. In other words, say your spouse isn’t giving you enough love. They’re ignoring you. They’re not being kind and considerate to you. Well, see, human nature is to give them a taste of their own medicine, to treat them the same way. But when we do that, we’re just going to continue to reap what we’re sowing.” 

I guess Victoria reaped what she sowed on that plane. :) My friend’s a flight attendant, and she said it had to be pretty serious to be asked to leave the plane after the door was closed…no matter what kind of spin Continental and Lakewood want to put on it.

In his book, Osteen talks about how Victoria wanted to buy a fancy house some years ago, before the money rolled in, but he didn’t think it was possible. “But Victoria had more faith,” he wrote. “She convinced me we could live in an elegant home…and several years later, it did come to pass.”

I’m sorry, but I have a problem with that. All I see in those 2 people’s eyes are dollar signs.

Coming from my background as a Mormon, I now have a HUGE problem with people mixing faith in Christ (or any “god”) and trying to get rich out of it. But ya know, sometimes karma has a way of coming back around and kicking you in the backside.

So there you go.  A lot of information to digest and this was but a portion of the number of blogs written.  There were something like: 227 Responses to “Victoria Osteen tossed from flight at IAH”

I know our site number here has doubled in the amount of visitors since this incident took place.  When you hit the big time, you are under a microscope, as it should be and the Osteen's should know that!  The thing  I see missing is that no one mentioned the fact that (in my opinion that is), a man who claims to be called of God along with his wife as she is now preaching also, should and are expected to conduct themselves in a different manner that the ordinary pew sitter.  Meaning that they are supposedly GOD'S special elect to preach His word and therefore He holds them more accountable and expects more from them.  Joel certainly should have contained his wife and by not doing so, he failed to fulfill his duties not only as a Pastor but also as a husband and father.  He certainly did not show much of an example for his children to follow.

I hope this information helps you in your search for the truth.

Robert Wise