John Roberts
Supreme Court Appointee . . . A Good Choice?  I think so!
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The appointment of Judge John Roberts has caused a stir between both sides of the political aisle.  The liberal wing of the government claims that Roberts is too conservative and will overturn the Roe vs. Wade law concerning abortion.  The conservative wing claims that Roberts will interpret the law and not make it.
     I as a Christian have concerns about this choice just as everyone does.  My concern is that Roberts will not receive the up or down vote like he and all candidates deserve and will not be appointed.  I honestly hate it when our elected members “play” politics instead of working together to make our country better for all peoples.  Both parties in government have gotten to the point where it is so hard to trust any of them.  This leaves us with a very hard choice when election times come along.
     Being as how I am a Christian, I vote for the party that agrees the “MOST” with my Christian beliefs. I think every person who claims to be a Christian, should vote as the Bible teaches us.  Unfortunately, most persons vote their pocketbooks or personality likes.
     Below is a letter to the editor I sent to my local newspaper.  I would challenge all God fearing Christians to do the same.  It’s time we stop being afraid to speak our minds.  We should stand for what we believe.  How tough is it going to be when Jesus Himself stands before us and ask this question?  “Why when you had so many chances to speak for me, you decided to just remain quiet?  Were you ashamed of me?  Were you afraid you might hurt someone's feelings?  Were you afraid you might not be a part of the click?”
     Now I don’t know about you, but I for sure do not want to have to answer questions like that to my Lord and Savior!  Do you?

Read the letter to the editor below and consider having it sent to your newspaper.  You can copy the whole letter and send it word for word or you can edit it to your liking.  It is perfectly legal to do so as I am giving you permission to do so, therefore there is no plagiarism involved.  Be sure to add your name, address and phone number to the bottom of the letter or the newspaper will not publish it.

Dear Editor,

Judge John Roberts, President Bush's pick to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court, brings with him one of the most impressive resumes any nominee to the high court has had in a generation.

Judge Roberts has succeeded in both the public and private sectors — from his time as a law clerk to Chief Justice William Rehnquist, to a brilliant career as a private-practice attorney, to his current position as a judge on the D.C. Circuit appeals court. Most impressively, as deputy U.S. solicitor general, he argued 39 cases before the Supreme Court.

Despite this impeccable track record, though, Roberts can expect to face stiff opposition from Senate liberals like Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer and anti-Bush pressure groups like They've already begun assailing his nomination, desperate to keep off the bench anyone who believes a judge's job is to interpret law, not make it.

Any purely partisan bid to block Judge Roberts must not be allowed to succeed. He deserves a fair hearing, and a fair vote in the Senate.

If you sent this letter to your local newspaper, thank you!  If not, we pray you will still consider how you vote in the future and make a stand for Jesus!

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