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Steve Munsey - Jubilee Telethon 98 - 1998 LeSEA


In 1998 Israel celebrated its 50th Anniversary as a nation, and at that time huckster Steve Munsey, on behalf of LeSEA ministries, used the opportunity to exploit that event by promoting it as a 50th, or Jubilee year, when God was prepared to cancel financial debts and bless his people with the riches they had waited for so long.  This was an opportunity not to be missed. Of course the only thing holding up this windfall was the need to give your seed money to LeSEA. Only then could God bless you with the unlimited riches he was fixin' to pay out.

Steve Munsey - Jubilee Telethon 2000 - 2000 LeSEA

Well, January of 2000 was telethon time again for LeSEA, and lo and behold - what do you know, the Catholic Church (the Pope no less), has declared the year 2000 a Jubilee year, and that beginning this year the church will no longer be in poverty! Well if the pope declared it, it must be true. What a stroke of luck for LeSEA! Now, once again, Steve Munsey claims the Lord has spoken directly to him, and God wants to bless his people with vast riches on this 7th millennium Jubilee year too! He says we are about to receive the greatest financial miracle in the history of mankind. But again, the only way to cash in on what God is fixin' to do, and dramatically change your life forever, is to send your 7 x 70 dollars to LeSEA, then you can expect your own financial miracle within days. Your days of riches and power are now! Fortunately, there is more than one way to win. You can send your "law of release" offering of 49 dollars a month for 10 months, or 70 dollars for 7 months, either is a lucky winning combination in this "spirit of 7" year. Imagine that, God has told Steve Munsey the secret magic numbers that will pay off with big money! But if you keep your hand closed (don't give to LeSEA) you cannot receive a blessing. God has blessed a women with 800 million dollars from a father she did not know, and this is about to happen all over the world.  In fact, if you do sow your seed money with LeSEA, you will soon become so wealthy that you will be able to loan large sums of money to your friends, but only if you take advantage of this period of 7 jubilee release offer NOW!

God is being promoted something like the ultimate lottery, roulette wheel or slot machine that is fixin' to pay off soon, but you can't win if you don't play. As for LeSEA, well who knows, Steve Munsey says they just might decide to buy CBS TV (probably with the money you send in). Just imagine what they could rake in with all those CBS stations to run more telethons from. It boggles the mind!

What a disgrace! It really is amazing the depths some ministries will sink to in order to extract money from their viewers. Had you tuned to LeSEA World Harvest TV during this telethon, you would have seen snake oil salesmanship at its finest, or should I say at its lowest. You see, Steve Munsey has no idea if this year is the beginning of the seventh millennium, or last year was, or if it will be next year or ten years from now. Nobody knows this for certain. It would not matter if we did know the exact year the 7th millennium would begin. But don't let the facts get in the way of a good sales pitch. It makes one wonder just how they will come up with another Jubilee, to flog for all its worth, in another year or two. Or maybe that horse will be dead by then, because their audience will be wise to the con. Then Steve Munsey and LeSEA will have to come with some new gimmick to fleece the viewers.


sm3 sm4
Steve Munsey on the Daystar Fall 2000 telethon
Images 2000 by Daystar

We did not have to wait very long for Steve Munsey to resurrect his 7th millennium gimmick. He appeared on Daystar's Fall telethon on October 16th and announced God had revealed a rhema word to him. We are not yet in the new millennium. The year 2000 was celebrated only by Americans as the beginning of the new millennium, but actually, the new 7th millennium begins at midnight on December 31st, 2000.

Also, Steve noted that on the third day of creation, God twice said that it was good. So, by this and other equally preposterous evidence, there is allegedly a "double portion" blessing fixin' to happen to the people of God on the coming third day. Because 2001 will be the "third day" since the birth of Christ (1000 years is a day), and simultaneously the 7th millennium since creation, the magic number for your seed money is now 37, so, give $37 dollars a month for 10 months, and you will receive a "double portion" blessing on your finances in the new millennium. In addition, your unbelieving children will be saved, and you will have your life extended 15 years by the "Hezekiah miracle" (2 Kings 20:5-6). But obviously, if you don't give your seed money now in faith, you will likely not receive these miracle blessings.

God told Steve Munsey to fill 6 large pots with pledge slips, representing the water pots of Christ's first miracle (which happened on the third day, John 2:1) and also had donor's names written on the outside of the pots. At the conclusion of the program, during prayer, he then smashed the water pots on the floor to "release" the breakthrough "double portion" blessings for those who had been obedient and given donations to Daystar.


sm5 sm6
Steve Munsey on the LeSEA fall 2000 telethon
Images 2000 by LeSEA

Steve Munsey repeated his frenetic high-pressure seventh millennium / third day performance, and broke an additional 6 water pots, this time for LeSEA's fall Nehemiah telethon broadcast from New Orleans on November 6th, 2000.

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