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A Thought to Ponder


I was reading a book by Nicky Cruz this past week and found it to be simply an excellent read.  I had a hard time putting it down.  But, beyond it being an excellent book, the message really struck home for me.  I have been talking more and more about “passion” to so many in the past year or so and only a handful of people seemed to grasp the importance of the subject.

It is simply amazing how God works to confirm something when you feel so convicted that you just know it is from God, but after a time without confirmation, you may begin to wonder or start having doubts about it.  God is simple so true to His Word.

My contention is that so many in the churches today show no passion for the Word of God but have no problem showing sometimes extreme passion about their favorite baseball team or something else they enjoy in life.  Now before you hang me out to dry, hear me out.  There is nothing wrong with having a passion for things in life that you enjoy.  But, God deserves our passion on a level above our earthly likes and pleasures.

Nicky Cruz defines it so well in his book “One Holy Fire”.  Below is an excerpt from his book.

“You can’t stand before the Cross detached and unaffected.  You can’t finger the nails without
feeling the pain.  You can’t look into the eyes of pure love and forgiveness and discuss it as you would the weather.  Jesus isn’t that kind of Savior.  The very nature of His life and death and resurrection, the reason for his coming, the beauty of the Gospel cries out for complete and uncompromising passion! Otherwise, we’ve missed His message completely” …. Nicky Cruz, One Holy Fire, 2003

Ask Yourself:

Do you have an “Uncompromising Passion” for the Lord?

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