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Famous Praying People from Ancient Israel
  Situation Person Scipture
1 Taken Captive in Babylon, he remained faithful to God even when it meant certain death.  When King Darius decreed that he was the only one to whom anyone should pray, this man prayed anyway. ____?____ ____?____ Chapter 6:10
2 This boy prayed to God throughout his life.  Even when God turned down his request to build the Temple he gave thanks. ____?____ ____?____ Chapter 17:18,20
3 God brought his people back to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon, but many who returned did not follow God's path.  This man was so upset that he tore his clothes, pulled his hair and prayed. ____?____ ____?____ Chapter 9:5-15
4 When this woman prayed for a son, she promised to commit him to the service of God.  God answered with the birth of Samuel. ____?____ ____?____ Chapter 1:10-11
5 This man reacted to a threatening message from the Assyrian King by praying to God for help.  God heard his prayer and saved Jerusalem by wiping out the enemy King and his armies. ____?____ ____?____ Chapter 19:14-19
6 For forty years, this Prophet constantly prayed for the people of Judah.  He prayed that they would turn from their evil ways and be saved from destruction. ____?____ ____?____ Chapter 10:6-16
7 God told him to preach to the sinful people of Nineveh, but instead he took a ship in the opposite direction.  After being tossed overboard, he was swallowed by a large fish.  For three days, he prayed from inside a fish's belly. ____?____ ____?____ Chapter 2:1-9
8 When spies sent ahead to the promised land gave a scary report, the fearful Israelites rebelled once again.  When God announced that he would destroy the people, this man prayed for them. ____?____ ____?____ Chapter 14:13-19
9 While this man and the Jews returning from Babylon rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, other people in the area tried to stop them. This man prayed to God. ____?____ ____?____ Chapter 4:4-5
10 After building the magnificent temple at Jerusalem, this man offered a prayer of praise to God. ____?____ ____?____ Chapter 8:22-53

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  Person Scripture
1 Daniel Daniel 6:10
2 David 1 Chronicles 17:18,20
3 Ezra Ezra 9:5-15
4 Hannah 1 Samuel 1:10-11
5 Hezekiah 2 Kings 19:14-19
6 Jeremiah Jeremiah 10:6-16
7 Jonah Jonah 2:1-9
8 Moses Numbers 14:13-19
9 Nehemiah Nehemiah 4:4-5
10 Solomon 1 Kings 8:22-53

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