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Jesus is the Reason

As "Christmas" rapidly approaches, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Though many do not celebrate this time of year as the "birth date" of Jesus for we truly do not what day He was actually born on, it nevertheless is a time to celebrate who and what Jesus truly is. Every day is a the day to celebrate Jesus. His birth. His death. His resurrection. His ascension. His coming back again.

Jesus was born to fulfill Scripture. He was born to tell of His Father and the Kingdom of God. He was born to be a sacrifice for all mankind. He was born "knowing" the horrible punishment he would endure at the hands of those He loved and yet He allowed Himself to be beaten, tortured and crucified ( a horrible way of death) for you.

Yes you!

You see, when Jesus was born, being God, He knew ahead of time what was to come yet He was willing to be born into this world as a human which allowed Him to go through all the things humans go through. Growing up as a child, I imagine He had his problem as we all did. Scraped knees, possibly a broken bone while playing or working, being liked by some and not by others as most kids are. Life in those times was hard. I imagine Jesus had to do his fair share of the work in regards to helping his mother when he was young to helping his dad (Joseph) when he got older.

The amazing thing to me is that all during this time, Jesus knew what was coming in the near future. He had to know how hard it was going to be to go through all the punishment endured at the hands of the Roman soldiers. He had to know that the beatings were going to be bad. He had to know how horrible it was going to feel as they put the crown of thorns on his head. AND, He had to know how painful and excruciating being hung on a cross had to feel. YET, He allowed himself to be born for me and you anyway.

So, this year as you come together with your family and friends.......take a few minutes to tell them about how God came from Heaven (a place beyond our imagination in beauty and splendor) to be born on this earth (a place where trials, troubles, hate, murder, evil and all sorts of other things were happening), just for you and for them. Let them know that even though you love each of love Jesus more and are forever thankful to Him for offering Himself to be born into this world just so He could provide Himself a sacrifice for one so unworthy as yourself.

God Bless each of you as you celebrate together this season. Jesus truly is the "Reason for the Season"


Pastor Wise



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