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Whether or not you agree or disagree with the comments Pat Robertson made on his 700 Club TV show Friday is not the issue as I see it.  What I see coming out of this has nothing to do with the comment or who made them.  What is happening is we can see without a doubt that the majority of people in the US are falling into the biggest trap that Satan has ever laid for us.  And fall we are!  The fear I have is that it is entirely possible that if we fall far enough, are we going to be able to get back to the place where we should be?

A look at a poll taken on MSNBC Friday evening shows that 21,093 persons had responded to the poll already and it was only 7:45p.m. central time in the United States. Of that 21+ thousand persons, a whopping 68% said that Pat should not be voicing his opinions publicly because it inflames issues when people should be trying to come together.  Come together to what?  This is just another example of how society has begun to accept the ideal that if we just love each other, it doesn't matter what God or anyone else has to say, everything will be just fine and dandy.  Someone needs to tell that to God then, for His word certainly doesn't say anything like that.  Maybe someone can get Him to change His Word so it fits our selfish wants and wishes a little more than it now does. I for one, do not agree with that ideal at all.  I fear what God has to say about everything.

We see our Churches falling for the same thing.  Churches are denying what God has to say and are beginning to do what they want to do as long as it feels good to them.  Preachers are turning away from God as quickly as they can. Many act like faithful followers and even preach a good sermon every now and then to keep the pew sitters appeased but they have a agenda of their own and not of God's planning.  How do I know this.  Just look around at the mega churches who are visible on National Television and watch what is actually said and done.  Take a close look at your own Church and see what is being preached and how things are handled.  Take a look at the new and existing TV shows and see what is being propagated across the airwaves.  I also have experienced this type of activity myself in my Church life.  Sad to say, so many preachers are only in the position they are in is so they can make a easy living.  Don't believe me? Visit a Seminary sometime and do a survey of the students there and ask this question.  What was your reason for getting into the Ministry and what do you think you will receive out of it in the long run.  You will be surprised at the various answers you will receive.  The only answers you should get are these: 1) Because God called me to be a Minister of His Gospel and to dedicate my entire living life, every day and night to spreading His Word to the Nations. 2) I plan to get fulfillment by all the souls I helped bring to His Kingdom and approval from God for a job well done.  Anything else is man's personal wants and wishes for a good job and a nice life.  Read the article about the old time Circuit Riders of the early Methodist days and you will understand the commitment and dedication it takes to be a true called man of God.  Nowadays if a preacher isn't making the money he or she thinks they should be making, they start looking for another church "job" or ask the one they are in for a raise.  I have personally heard Ministers say to their congregations that they needed more money to take care of their families or they would have to move on.  Where is the reliance on God at?  Certainly not in these particular preachers lives.  I know it is a hard thing to do, but IF one is truly called of God to the Ministry, they should accept what God gives them regardless if it is what they think it should be or not.  God will provide their needs, but maybe not their wants.  There is a difference in the two.

Back to the poll.

I think these poll results are just typical of today's Churches and society. You may disagree and if so, please email me and let me know. I am open to discussion on this and any subject. Email me here.

Below is a copy of the poll.

God Bless,
Robert Wise

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Should Pat Robertson be voicing in public such controversial opinions?   * 21093 responses
Yes, as long as he's not inciting people to violence he should speak his mind.
No, such talk only inflames issues when people should be trying to come together.