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Thought to Ponder
by Rev. Robert Wise

Are You Offended?

There is a controversy between God and the world.  When truth is not preached, mercy isnít understood, and the world therefore lacks the knowledge of God.  The result is an idolatrous perception of God.  The world isnít offended when the Church preaches that God loves them, but when the truths of Judgment Day, Godís Law, sin, hell and righteousness are preached, those who do not know the lord become offended.  

The direct result of failing to preach His truth is lawlessness, transgression of the moral Law, such as swearing, lying, killing, stealing and committing adultery.  Following lawlessness is judgment upon the land, and itís people.

Ask Yourself:

Do I get offended when the preacher talks about Judgment, Sin, Hell? 

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