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Joel Osteen Joins Ranks of Modern Day Prophets

by Pastor Bob Wise
September 09, 2018

I received in the mail yesterday a letter with no return address on the front and only P.O. Box 4271   *  Houston, TX 77210 on the back in light colored letters, but when I opened it I found that the poorly addressed letter was from none other than Joel Osteen.

I have always believed that Joel was a part of the name it and claim it group and have written articles concerning those thoughts about him and his "ministry".  Well today I have had my suspicions reassured by none other than by Joel himself.

The letter reads very closely to the letters I receive from other "prophets" like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Marilyn Hickey, etc.  The letter states: "And I encourage you to receive this special word personally..."

So Joel has a "special word" just for me he says, but later on he says to: "write out (on the enclosed card) the areas in your life where you or someone you care about...".   Joel goes on to say: "and then send it back to us right away." 

Joel doesn't say what they are going to do with the card/request when he receives them back, so I am left in the dark about how this is all going to work.  Is Joel going to pray over them or just my faithfulness in sending them back to him enough?  Good question.  (to the untrained person this may be very confusing...to me, it is just simply lack of wisdom and knowledge on Joel's part.

joel osteen letter   joel osteen letter 2

Below are pictures of the "donation card" and the  "return needs" card.

joel osteen donation card     joel osteen return needs card

Of particular notice is the line at the bottom right of the donation card.  It states: "Your full contribution benefits the expansion of Joel Osteen Ministries". 
Now I would like to think he actually meant to say: "Your full contribution benefits the expansion of God's Kingdom through the efforts of Joel Osteen Ministries". But, maybe not....after all...one look at the Ministries of these "false prophets" and you can see where the majority of the money goes.

Anyway.......Welcome Joel to the Non-Glorious fraternity of False Prophets in America.  We here at Forgotten Word Ministries DO NOT salute  you.... but we will Pray for You!

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