You can support FWM by praying for us!  This is a ministry and it cannot survive without God's leading and blessing.  We are given an awesome responsibility as a Discernment Ministry, and we covet your prayers.  We sincerely want God to be pleased with the work at FWM.

Every effort put forth on this website is made possible through the prayers and financial support of people who share the same burden as we do.  That burden is a heartfelt concern for the lost souls in this world. First let me thank you for all the prayers you have sent our way.  Prayer is such a major part of this Ministry.  Secondly, let me thank you for the financial support you have provided to us.  We could not do it without you. I realize that there are many different Ministries that need support as we do and we just cannot tell you how much we appreciate what you have provided.  God Bless each of you for your sacrifices.  I promise you that we will use your offerings to spread the True Word of God to the Nations as effectively and efficiently as we possibly can.

We are always in need of Bibles.  We give away Bibles free to anyone who desires one and doesn't have one. We would willingly accept a donation of any number of Bibles for the Ministry.  We do have one requirement, Bibles  need to be complete, not just the New Testament.  To join our Monthly Bible Club click here.

We welcome you to become a partner with us in this endeavor to expose False Preachers and False Teachings. Our appreciation to you comes from the heart.  All we ask is that you FIRST, pray and seek God's direction in this matter.  We would have you only do what you feel led to do by direction of the Holy Spirit.  We ask that you be obedient to His direction as He will bless you for your faithfulness.

We would also ask that you hold this Ministry up in prayer on a continual basis as prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against the evil one who desires to suppress Ministries such as this one.

If you wish to provide your support by using a credit card, the easiest way is to use the PAYPAL button below.  Paypal has a secure payment server where your credit card information is safe from probing eyes and ears.

If you desire to send a check or money order and or Bibles, then we would have you send them to the following address.

Forgotten Word Ministries
P.O. Box 237
Plymouth, IL 62367


Credit Card or Bank account Donors please use our SECURE PAYPAL Account

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