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The following literature is free for the downloading.
 To download, right click and select "save target as" and download to your computer.  If you have trouble downloading, please email us for help. Some files are large so check when downloading for file size.  High speed connection will be ok.  Dialup will take a while for anything over 5 megs.    To read the books that are in PDF format you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have one, you can download one here.  Download it to your computer, then once it is completely downloaded click on the file to install the reader.  Then anytime you click on a PDF formatted file the reader will automatically open and allow you to read it.

134 different books for you to download and read/study! The majority are pdf files which require a reader program.

If you do not have acrobat reader you can get it free here:

Download The King James Bible Here

New Beginnings
For New Believers
or as a handout!
Download Here

Audio File

 Jet Planes

God's Plan for You
Download Here

 Eternal Salvation
"Once Saved Always Saved" 
Download Here

Books by

All of Grace


41 Sermons

Till He Comes

Hitchcock's Bible Name Dictionary
Download Here

God's Way of Peace
A book for the anxious
Download Here

Books by John Bunyan
Grace Abounding

Holy War

Pilgrims Progress

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The Life of Our Lord by
Charles Dickens

Download Here

Books by
Charles Finney

Lectures to Professing Christians

Power from on High

Revival Lectures

12 Sermons

Books by
D. L. Moody


Lost and Found


What Must I do to be Saved

Thomas Watson

The Lord's Prayer

A Body of Divinity

The Ten Commandments

Alexander Whyte

Lord Teach Us To Pray

A. W. Tozer

Pursuit of God

The Confessions of Saint Augustine
Download Here


Noel Stanton

Your Baptism

George Whitefield

59 Sermons

John Willison

A Fair and Impartial Testimony...Against the Backslidings, Corruptions, Divisions, and Prevailing Evils...


Leo Tolstoy

Walk in the Light & 23 Tales

Susannah Winkworth

Life Story + 25 Sermons of Rev. John Tauler

John Owen

A Brief Instruction in the Worship of God

Mortification of Sin in Believers

R. A. Torrey

New Topical Textbook

Revival Addresses

Horatius Bonar

The Rent Veil

God's Way of Peace

Alfred Edersheim

Life And Times Of Jesus The Messiah pt1

Life And Times Of Jesus The Messiah pt2

The Temple

Jonathan Edwards

Religious Affections

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Works of Jonathan Edwards Vol1

Works of Jonathan Edwards  Vol2

Albert Barnes

New Testament Notes
39 megs

George Fox


Adrian Ebens

Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Henry Drummond

The Greatest Thing in the World

Easton's Bible Dictionary

Download Here

E. M. Bounds

The Necessity of Prayer

The Possibility of Prayer

Power Through Prayer

The Weapon of Prayer

Eberhard Arnold

God's Revolution


Writings Selected

Salt & Light

Trevor Saxby

The Call to a Christian Community Lifestyle

William Carey

An Enquiry Obligations of Christians

Gilbert K. Chesterton


Samuel Chadwick

The Way to Pentecost

Call to Perfection

Francois Fenelon

Spiritual Progress


John Flavel

On Keeping the Heart

The Fountain of Life Opened Up

H. B. Swete

An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek

John Calvin

Harmony of the Law pt1

Harmony of the Law pt2

Harmony of the Law pt3

Harmony of the Law pt4

The Institutes of Christian Religion

Walter Hilton

The Scale (Ladder) of Perfection


The Imitation of Christ



S°ren Kierkegaard


John Milton

On The Morning of Christs Nativity

Paradise Lost

Paradise Regained

Andrew Murray

Absolute Surrender

The Deeper Christian Life

Divine Healing

Helps to Intercession

Like Christ

The Missionary Problem is a Personal Problem

The New Life

The Power of Persevering Prayer

The School of Obedience

The Two Covenants

With Christ


Working for God

J. G. Terrill

The Life of John Wesley Redfield

Peter Riedemann

Love is Like Fire

Erlo Stegen

Revival Among the Zulus

A. B. Bruce

Training of the Twelve

John Woolman

Journal of John Woolman

Purpose Driven Church / Life

Download Here

Genesis pt-1
Genesis pt-2
Psalms pt-1
Psalms pt-2
Psalms pt-3
Psalms pt-4
Psalms pt-5
Isaiah pt-1
Isaiah pt-2
Isaiah pt-3
Isaiah pt-4
Jer-Lam pt-1
Jer-Lam pt-2
Jer-Lam pt-3
Jer-Lam pt-4
Jer-Lam pt-5
Ezekiel pt-1
Ezekiel pt-2
Daniel pt-1
Daniel pt-2
MtMkLu pt-1
MtMkLu pt-2
MtMkLu pt-3
John pt-1
John pt-2
Acts pt-1
Acts pt-2
Corinth. pt-1
Corinth. pt-2

Books by John Wesley

Journal of John Wesley

A Plain Account of Christian Perfection

The Use of Money

Sermons on Special Occasions

Notes on the Bible

Tyndale Bible

Download Here

Phillip Y. Pendleton

A Synoptic Life of the Apostle Paul



James Fowler

Christianity is Not a Religion



Alonzo Wearner

Fundamental of Bible Doctrine



Frederick Farrar

Life of Christ



Sam Galloza

Living Under God's Law - Christian Ethics



Predestination of the Elect of God



Johnny Gibson

Story of the Kingdom



J. C. Ryle

The Cross - A Call to the Fundamentals of Religion