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Clicking on a link below will bring you a short devotional which we feel will help you in your Christian walk.

Why "Thoughts to Ponder" Confidence A Good Name Imagine Success Getting Comfortable
Faith Trust How do I reach my neighbors with the Gospel Are You Afraid of the Holy Spirit? A Little Humor
with a message
A Boy's Prayer
Are You Offended Tithing Sword of the Lord & Gideon I Die Daily Quotes to Think About Perseverance
Abraham Lincoln
The Burning Hut A Piece of Wood Who Was That? Happy or Holy Passion Thank God for the Resurrection
Are You in the Way? What are Wolves in Sheep's Clothing? The Salvation Ladder Being One With Christ Feeling Weller Heart of Wisdom
Sacrifice Making Disciples Seven Truths to
Defeat Worry
Ye Have Made It The Soap Manufacturer Live to Dye
It's the Message, not the Messenger Who's Foolin' Who What the World Needs Now The "Bible"

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