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We would ask you to pray about each article we print here.  If the article is about a Preacher or Ministry which we feel is preaching or teaching false doctrine or false teachings, we would ask you to be in prayer that the Lord would touch their hearts and minds so that they might see the error in their ways and turn to the Holy God who is Lord over and of our lives.  We mean no ill will to anyone or any ministry but we must, according to Scripture, warn the people when we see the enemy at work regardless of the nature if it is contrary to God's Word.

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A Thought to Ponder

with Pastor Wise

Ye Have Made It

Jesus was speaking of the Temple, which He called “my Father’s house.”  Intended as a house of prayer for all people, where souls find God, it had been turned into a “den of thieves” and He fixed the responsibility.  He said: “Ye have made it.” 

Each of us has some responsibility for his Church.  We make it, for better or for worse.  Its morale, its friendliness, its spirituality, its attendance record is made by us.  Protestant church attendance has been falling off.  “We have made it!”

Did you have more loses than gains last year?  “We have made it!”  He (Jesus) as his custom was, went to church.  He also cleansed the Temple.  He “remade it.”  The first and most obvious way of supporting a church is to be a regular attendant. Be there every time the opportunity presents itself.  Be supportive of prayer for the leaders of the church and for the congregation.

Your local church needs you.  The church needs not only your prayers, your tithes and offerings, but it needs your presence.  Being there in person may be just what someone else needs as an encouragement to be more faithful and diligent in their worship attendance and participation.

When the Church you attend is mentioned by people, be satisfied in knowing that “Ye have made it.” 

Ask Yourself:  Am I being attentive to my Church with my participation, tithes, prayers, attendance?  Have “I made it” or just complain about how someone else has?

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minutes each day to talk to God; take 15 minutes each day to talk to others about God." - Billy Sunday
Before he read a letter, looked at a paper or even read a telegram, he went first to the Bible, that the first impression of the day might be what he got directly from God. Maybe that would be a good thing for us to do also?
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Charles Spurgeon, known widely as the "Prince of Preachers" has given the world many good and lasting sermons, quotes and information to help in your walk with the Lord, especially concerning helping to win souls for Christ.  Though you may not agree with everything Spurgeon said, he has left us with much to be thankful for. Click on the picture to enter..... Spurgeon.org

Then & Now
A preacher in those days, when he felt God called him to preach, didn't hunt up a college or seminary, he hunted up a good horse, took off across the country and began crying "Behold the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sin of the world"!   Today they look for the best paying job with the best retirement package.