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Forgotten Word Ministries has teamed up with Ames International School of Ministry to provide you with Free Bible Study Programs.  The total program is 22 courses which are some of the best Bible Study programs available.  There is no cost for these programs.  You simply download the 1st program and after completion, download the next program and on and on until you complete all 22 courses.  These studies are designed so you can work at your own pace right in your own home of office.  All this at NO COST!

You can complete the entire course by yourself if you wish, or, you can get a group together and hold a weekly or bi-weekly Bible Study using these materials for each member.  This is a good way to not only study the Word but to have good fellowship and to Witness.  Email me if you need assistance getting a group together as we have some suggestions that may help.

If you desire to complete the course and receive a certificate or if you wish to complete the course and have your completion applied towards college credit with Ames Christian University, you would need to go to the Ames International School of Ministry website and enroll through them.

Free personal or class course download links are below.  Please complete the courses one at a time.  To download a course, right click on the title and select "Save Target As..." and download it to your hard drive.  Test and answers are at the end of each course.  Honesty is expected throughout the taking of these courses.

Old Testament Survey New Testament Survey Foundations of Faith Knowing God's Voice
Spiritual Warfare Kingdom Living Battle for The Body Evangelism
Intercessory Prayer Power Principles Creative Bible Study Biblical World View
Teaching Tactics Biblical Management Principles Environmental Analysis Management by Objectives
Holy Spirit Mobilize Women A Biblical Profile Strategies for Harvest
Multiplication Jail & Prison Ministry    

with Janice Marsh
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