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There once was a man searching for a job. He applied with multiple businesses but nothing seemed like the right place for him.  This man, you see, was looking for a job where he could make big money fast and easily.  All the places he applied with had openings but they offered only an hourly wage which meant he had a limited amount of income each week and he wanted much more than that.  The jobs were also very hard working positions and he despised working so hard for so little.

Eventually an ad in the local paper advertised just what he was looking for.  A job which had unlimited income potential and was not physically demanding.  He applied and got the job and was very successful at it!  This man was so happy to be making so much money and not working very hard to do it.  This job was one of those multiple level jobs where you “hired” others to work under you and you received money off of the money they produced for the company.

Many years passed and this man had everything he desired in life with a big fancy house, 3 cars, a butler to wait on him and his wife and children along with huge amounts of money in various banks and stocks, etc.  One day after his two sons moved along to get jobs and start their own lives, his wife suddenly died.  His sons, who had their own lives to lead never visited him or even bothered to call him as they were estranged because of a family squabble over the family’s money. 

The man found himself all alone with his fancy house and cars and all the money a person could want.  He never could put his finger on why he felt so empty inside all the time.  Well, the time finally came when he had to go to a nursing home.  No one came to visit him and he eventually passed away, a lonely old man with no one. 

The moral of this story?  Money and riches of material things cannot fill the void in a person where God is supposed to live.  Only God can fill you with a life of contentment and a longing for eternity, which replaces all the riches of this world.

In Matthew 6:33 we read the following:   “But let your first care be for his kingdom and his righteousness; and all these other things will be given to you in addition”.

Ask yourself this question:  Is success, money and the best in this life your goal?  Or, should you take a closer look at what and who your priorities are?

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