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with Pastor Bob Wise

A man dreamed that he built a ladder from earth to heaven; and when he did a good deed, up went his ladder a few feet. When he did a very good deed, his ladder went higher; and when he gave away large sums of money to the poor, up it went further still. By and by it went out of sight; and as years rolled on, it went up, he thought, past the clouds, clear into heaven. When he died he thought he would step off his ladder into heaven; but he heard a voice roll out from paradise—

"He that climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber."

Down he came, ladder and all, and he awoke. He saw that if he wanted to get salvation, he must get it in another way than by good deeds; and he took the other way, which is by Jesus Christ…..Dwight Moody, (public domain use).

Ask Yourself:  Have you truly accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, or have you been fooled into believing your good deeds, church attendance and honorable life have bought you entrance into Heaven?

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