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Master Prophet
E. Bernard Jordan
and Manasseh Jordon

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E. Bernard & Manasseh Jordan Articles
(listed below are all articles that mention E. Bernard or Manasseh Jordan on our website)

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Bishop Jordan - False Prophet / Preacher
Bernard Jordan is at it again! Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan The Prophetic Inner Circle is a group ... under the Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan. The Prophetic Inner Circle has one ... more

Email from Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan
I looked up and the SPIRIT showed me three letters 
falling out of HEAVEN, saying "MONEY is showing up for Robert ! ...more

666 is the Number of God ?
First, forget everything negative and bad you’ve heard about the number 666. In fact, the exact opposite is true; the number 666 is considered mystical and holy. It is the number of God. It is the ... more

Manasseh Jordan
Links to articles about Manasseh Jordan .. more

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