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I received this email from "Master Prophet" Bernard Jordan on April 25, 2006.  It certainly fits in with his "way of doing business".  As usual, Jordan claims he has heard from God and has a blessing waiting for me, IF I will send him $365 to unlock the blessings.  Notice that he claims that the Holy Spirit has commanded me to send in the $365.

Our Original Bishop Jordan Page
Another Bishop Jordan Page

I looked up and the SPIRIT showed me three letters
falling out of HEAVEN, saying "MONEY is showing up for Robert ! "

My Dear Prophetic Friend:

People just like you are writing and telling me of all types of blessings they have received since I started prophesying and praying for them. They are receiving divine help in the form of answered prayer. Some are seeing loved ones saved, and many of them are receiving spiritual, physical and financial blessings of all types - better jobs, raises in salaries, being able to buy and sell homes, buying new cars, and so on. Actually, these dear people are receiving so many blessings that it is impossible to mention them all in a letter.

Robert, the Spirit said your number is coming up next and it even showed me your treasure map in my mind's "eye." In this POWERFUL VISION, I saw the end of your financial troubles. God revealed to me a treasure map that will lead you to "unlimited blessings."

I'm sure you didn't even know this. This money may be very close to you or connected with a loved one. On the other hand, it may be very far away. The only way you'll know for sure is to contact the prophet.


If you follow my instructions you are guaranteed SUCCESS. Your personal treasure map will give you the answers you've always wanted. It will give you new insight and direct you to God's storehouse of good fortunes. Robert, your map is sitting in my mouth, but you must call me to make sure the money doesn't show up at the wrong person's home.

Robert, no matter what pirate tries to stand in the way of your blessings, I definitely feel there is a big breakthrough coming your way. Your actions are very critical at this point, so contact me immediately with a MAP (money and prosperity) seed of $365.00!

Robert, on your 12-month personal prophecy CD I will personally direct and lead you to your personal treasure map that the enemy has tried to keep from you. Do you believe, like I do, that right now God can start a MANIFOLD blessing in your life? That God is going to bless you in a greater way than ever before? If you believe like I do, then do what the Spirit has commanded you to with a $365.00 seed to the church ministry. Hurry BEFORE someone tries to STOP you from finding your treasure map!

Click the link below and get started NOW!


Your Personal Prophet,

E. Bernard Jordan