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Bob and Bonnie Jones

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Bob and Bonnie Jones Articles
(listed below are all articles that mention Bob or Bonnie Jones on our website)

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Do You Really Want To Join The Rally?  by Jackie Alnor
So-called prophet Bob Jones is one referred to in ... gave them their marching orders. Jones blatantly teaches the Joel’s ... s Army by men like Bob Jones and Paul Cain in his ... more

A Review Of Gary S Greig's Pseudo Scholarly Apologetic For The Unbiblical...
Bickel, Paul Cain, Bob Jones), Toronto (John Arnott, ... former Kansas City Prophet Bob Jones, was found to be ... The sexual perversion of Bob Jones and homosexuality and alcoholism ... more

The Sorcery & Trances of Todd Bentley vs Scripture by James Sundquist
Oppenheimer reveals that according to Bob Jones, one of Bentley's ... of many. Instead of revering Bob Jones, Todd Bentley should have exposed both Jones and Cho. Dr. Christian ... more

The New Apostolic Reformation An Examination of the Five-Fold Ministries Part 1...
City Prophets including Bob Jones and Paul Cain, Bill ... 17. [6] Martyn Wendell Jones, “Kingdom Come in California, ... nar [14] Martyn Wendell Jones, p. 33. [15] R

Is The Catholic Church Really Biblical?
Christian university known as Bob Jones University. Soon thereafter Bush was "raked over the coals" by the liberal news media for making an appearance at such a right-wing, ... more

"Bam" "Bam" said the False Prophet by Marsha West
One blogger made this astute comment: " Bentley's close friend and mentor, Bob Jones is sick with kidney problems and is obese. Todd Bentley is overweight and balding and had a ... more

“Patricia King’s Hermetics Examined" - Gold Dust & Orbs on Forgotten Word...
Bob Jones. His resume was equally impressive- King described Him as “a champion of the Seer realm”, and “one of the most accurate of prophets of our generation”, and she ... more

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