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from the Berean Call Website

Beatles songs as likely to explain Christianity as the Bible, says bishop [Excerpts]

The Bible has become banal and rock songs are often more effective in expressing Christianity, a leading bishop has claimed.

The Rt Rev Nick Baines, Bishop of Croydon, has urged churches to use hits by bands such as U2 and the Beatles in their services.

Artists highlighted for exploring Christian themes in their music include Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and John Lennon, who famously claimed the Beatles were bigger than Jesus.

"For many people the language of the Bible has become inaccessible and yet pop song writers can make a connection with people because their language is fresh," he said.

"They are able to open our imagination to a way of thinking about God that we've become deaf to in church language.

"The Bible is an amazing collection of books that we've allowed to become banal. For many people it is a closed book and asking them to read it is a lost cause, which is a tragedy.

"Songs get more into the soul than simply reading an ancient book," he added. "I hope that they would be awoken to God and it would lead them to want to read some of the stories in the Bible."
(Wynne-Jones, Beatles songs as likely to explain Christianity as the Bible, London Telegraph Online, October 19 2008)

[TBC: This will only lead people further from the Bible. As others have pointed out, John Lennon and Yoko Ono were greatly involved with the occult, with Lennon buying great amounts of occult literature (Patterson, Hellhounds on Their Trail: Tales from the Rock N Roll Graveyard, Dowling Press, p. 181). In 1974 Yoko Ono hired the occultist John Green to read tarot cards for her. "As time went on he became Lennon's advisor, confidant and friend. Until October of 1980, he worked closely with them. They did everything according to 'the cards.' " (Song Magazine, Feb. 1984, p. 16). "People were hired and fired based on the findings of the tarot card reader, Charlie Swan; the Council of Seers, an assortment of freelance astrologers, psychics and directionalists; and Yoko's own consultations with the zodiac and Book of Numbers" (Rosen, Nowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon, Quick American Archives, p. 38).]

[FWM:  I wonder how stupid people can really get, but I imagine we haven't seen anything yet.]  What is your opinion of this article?