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Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, foundress of the "Christian Science", now dead, was an ex-spiritualistic medium. Her book, SCIENCE and HEALTH with KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, is accepted by her followers as THE text book of revelation, and it is required reading at all services. Mrs. Eddy wrote about the book, thus:

"I should blush to write of SCIENCE and HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, as I have, were it of human origin, and I apart from God, it author; but I was only a scribe echoing the harmonies of heaven in Divine Metaphysics, I cannot be super- modest of the Christian  Science text-book."

From the these words one would naturally expect that the teachings of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE would harmonize with those of the Bible, of which it is supposed to be the key! We now offer a comparison:  "The principle of Divine Metaphysics is God" (S&H, pg 5) "Life, Truth and Love constitute the triune God, or triple Divine principle" (S&H, pg 277) "The theory of three persons in one God (that is a personal trinity or tri-unity) suggest heathen gods" (S&H pg 152)  Thus Christian Science denies a Personal Trinity. Now, while an actual doctrine of the Trinity is nowhere explicitly taught in Scripture, the WHOLE Scripture testifies to this. The Bible confirms and leaves NO DOUBT that GOD IS TRIUNE in NATURE.  Let's look at some questions and answers that are found in S & H to see if the God of the Bible is the God of Christian Science.

QUESTION: What is intelligence?

ANSWER: Intelligence is omniscience and omnipotence. It is the primal and eternal quality of infinite mind, of the triune Principle - Life, Truth and Love - named God. (pg 469)

QUESTION: What is mind

ANSWER: Mind is God (pg 469) God, the Divine Principle of man, and man in God's likeness are inseparable, harmonious and eternal ... God and man are not the same, but in the order of Science, God and man co-exist and are eternal. (pg 470)  The Divine Mind is the Soul of man, and gives man dominion over all things. (pg 307) God, without the image and likeness of Himself would be a non-entity, or Mind unexpressed. He would be without a witness or proof of His own nature .. If God, who is Life, were parted for a moment from His reflection, man, during that moment there would be no divinity reflected. The Ego would be unexpressed and the Father would be childless - no father. (pgs 303,306)

The Jewish tribal Jehovah was a man-projected God, liable to wrath, repentance, and human changeableness. (pg 120) We do not need to detail a rebuttal of these unscientific, illogical statements that are in DIRECT opposition to the Word of God! The God of the Bible and the God of Christian Science are totally opposites, and we cannot worship and love both at the same time - unless we deny the reason God gave each of us AND do so in spite of the Word of the Living God.

The term "CHRISTIAN" denotes following one called CHRIST. Christian Science attempts to deceive people by claiming to be "CHRISTIAN" while they are NOT. Let us look at the Jesus of Christian Science, who the Bible states IS THE CHRIST.

"The invisible Christ was imperceptible to the so-called personal sense, whereas Jesus appeared as a bodily existence. This dual personality of the unseen and the seen, the spiritual and the material, the eternal Christ and the corporeal Jesus manifest in the flesh, continued until the Master's ascension, when the human, material concept, or Jesus, disappeared, while the spiritual self, or Christ, continues to exist in the eternal order of Divine Science, taking away the sins of the world, as the Christ has always done, even before the human Jesus was incarnate to mortal eyes." (S & H)  Some factors become immediately obvious at this point. (1) The writer NEVER read the Bible in context and (2) was blatantly blasphemous in her absurdities! What does Christian Science teach about ATONEMENT?

"Jesus never ransomed man by paying the debt that sin incurs, whosoever sins must suffer.."(VOL 2,pp 143,144)

"Jesus bore our infirmities; he knew the error of mortal belief, and with his stripes (the rejection of error)* we are healed." *=Mrs. Eddy's own explanation of the "stripes" -how far off base could she have been??

"Final deliverance from error, whereby we rejoice in immortality ... is not reached ... by pinning one's faith without works to another's vicarious effort." (VOL 2,p 22)

What does the BIBLE say? 1 Timothy 2:5,6: "For there is one God, and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus; who gave Himself as ransom for all, to be testified in due time."  In the 1903 edition of S & H on page 113, Mrs. Eddy gave FOUR BASIC PROPOSITIONS. These are Mrs. Eddy's own words:

FIRST, God is all in all.
SECOND, God is good, good is mind.
THIRD, Spirit being  all, nothing is matter.
FOURTH, Life, God, omnipotent, good, deny death, evil, sin, disease --- Disease, sin, evil, death, deny good, omnipotent, God, life.

In her statements, Mrs Eddy stated that these propositions were true because they could be read forward and backward and have the same meaning. On this very basis, we could "prove" that angels, cherubim and seraphim are lizards, pigs and horses! The absurdity of these teachings are all the more damning when you consider how many people are snared in this trap of lies and misrepresentations. Again, quoting Mrs. Eddy: "If the body is only a phantom and the flesh is only a shadow, it is logically certain that by-and-by some very practical sinners will take refuge  under this system, and insist that the sins of the body and the transgressions of the flesh are harmless, since they are only the phantom of a phantom, and the shadow of a shadow."

Where is it PROVEN that the body is a phantom? If this one premise is incorrect THEN ALL the remainder is FALSE! Christian Science has as its aim to take away Jesus Christ as the alone Saviour of men. It denies His actual birth, repudiates Him as the Christ, makes Him to be as full of errors as other mortals, rejects the Atonement of the Cross, says He never died, never was buried and never rose from the grave, does not exalt His name above every name, refuses to Bow to Him as Lord and God, teaches that He does not sit upon the infinite Throne, and that He is not in heaven at all. In short, it turns His body into an apparition, His blood to nothingness, His cross to a myth, His death as a fiction, His burial as a mockery, and Himself to a personality that was never real and no longer exists.


We, as Christians and followers of JESUS the CHRIST, are required in Ezekiel 3 and 33 to "sound the warning" and we are doing so here. We pray that the message will reach the hearts that Jesus wants to have as His!

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