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Turmoil In The Church

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 by Cullen Bentley

As I look into the world today in which we live it has become more and more troublesome. The morals and ethics have gone far away from the past time periods of old. Our society has become a cesspool of filth and degradation with despair and depression at every corner.

Our children have become outcasts and the parents are clueless to the ills they see and live with. The rebellion streams from every faucet and every crack on the corner. The street overpasses are home for the needy and the churches are nothing more than gatherings of lustful people seeking what God can give them so they can claim favor and prosperity as his blessings.  

There is no more humility or peace within the soul of mankind. It seems all people are anxious and striving with everyone and everything they encounter. They are never satisfied or content with what they have and always seeking more and more at the expense of others. They look to obtain what they call the epitome of success and are never fully fulfilled because it never ceases to end.     

Our church’s are a disgrace to the world at large. They have just as much and even more greediness, corruption, filth and immoral living than even the morally unsaved person who looks to do good and live a peaceful life. The preachers have not become men of God walking closer to the light of Christ, but idols of darkness from within their own evil heart and its desires. They seek mans adulation and confirmation that success is in numbers and in what a man may possess materially. They have raised themselves up to the status of a celebrity and all the exposure that accompanies such fame.

What a shameful and disgusting example the church has become in a world dying and living in darkness that leads to final death and eternal and everlasting damnation in hell. Our eyes have become seared with hot irons and our discernment is non existent. What a shameful example the church has become. It has become a playground of fun and games. It raises money based on worldly techniques instead of praying and teaching its own people to pray and ask God who is to do what and where and when.

If the people who claim to be of God worked at their job as much as they put into their spiritual life then they would be broke the next day and suffer for ever more. They do NOT consider their spiritual well being as important as their physical well being or emotional needs. What dishonor they do to the Lord who gave his all for their salvation. Oh how pitiful and pathetic they have become. God must cry from within every day due to his children’s lack of commitment and desire to know him more than anything else this world has to offer.

But there will come a time so soon when the door closes forever and how many who claim and speak of God will be left on the outside looking for a small crack in the door where maybe some light shines through so they can sneak in and find rest and peace. What a day of disaster it shall be. Crying from the top of their voice will come cries heard from the earth below. But scripture will be true. As stated clearly “there will be a great falling away of many from the things of God”. They once had something that only blood could obtain and now they sold it all for the worldly possessions and ideals.   

We should take one hour without any interruptions and do nothing but ask the Lord to show us our failures and our inconsistencies. We should be on our knees and truly seek forgiveness for being slothful and lazy concerning his word and our spiritual well being. We should be ready to change where and when as he instructs us. We should not be critical of others due to our own stubborn and pathetic spiritual well being.

We should ask what is his desire for our lives are. If we were to pray and ask for his life to become ours then we automatically begin to embrace his will and desires.  It is like lifting weights, we become that which we donate our time to as in lifting weights produces from within the strength that lifting causes the muscles to increase as resistance gets heavier.

Our present situation is a terrible representation of the Christ like life. We look more like the world while the world looks for a solution to the problems they encounter.

 If the preachers would quit being the focal point during preaching and let the people become active in praying for others and other activities, then they will not continue to be just like all the other people who attend church and sit and do nothing. They would not remain weak, feeble and lazy due to inactivity. A trainer helps people do, a preacher does nothing but talk and hope then people get involved. Instead of coaching them to be involved.

Then there’s this Todd Bentley who got all the piercing and tattoos after getting saved. Isn’t it the other way around that one would cover up what they got to show some humility and humiliation for getting them? Guess I am wrong on that one huh.? I think not. The church has only lost their discernment and that in itself is costly.

I find that daily there is a growing discomfort within the spirit of mankind that is struggling to find answers, peace and contentment and yet the church is becoming greedy and more greedy while stacking upon themselves more material possessions to prove they have found Gods blessings and yet the top five individuals in the earth care nothing for God and the moral life of a true Christian.

When shall we stop and seek him for his power over the enemy and all the devils wiles. You decide, no one else can do it for you.

The Mega church’s are havens for people who want to hide and not get involved. They can go and disappear from others and never get noticed and go and listen to the Sunday morning sermon and then go home. They feel good they have done their duty to God. One whole hour per week. What a big donation they gave. They gave their 10% to make sure blessings continue and to be able to say they have been faithful.

The spiritual welfare of this country could well be laid at the feet of the preachers who do nothing but talk a cheap and adulterous gospel. Our country is laying in shambles and erosion with destructive forces all over the continent.  

My eyes have watched things I never should have given time to as we all have. We have let ourselves embrace things God declares as disgusting and heart breaking. We have at times become engraved with the darkness in the world and its lustful ideals. We have been as the people who were with Moses and turned their back on God after he delivered them in a mighty way. Christ was right when he said no man knows the evil and wickedness of the heart and the searching of it must be complete and thorough and done by the Holy Ghost to make things right and true.

Our nation is going under. Its foundation has cracked and the supports are gone. It is falling fast and with a big bang will collapse. Its financial and economic policies are laced with corruption. All at eh expenses of the consumer. Greed has taken hold and will not let up until it has choked the life out of the people it serves.

The church’s preachers have fallen prey to the material and financial gains even more so than the people of the world. What a shame and disgraceful lifestyle they promote as being Godly.

All talk of blessings which is fine and of God in many instances. But where if the dying to self and crucifying of the flesh ever mentioned anymore? Do they all not know scripture speaks vividly of mans own efforts and what God would require of him while on this earth? Compromise is good only when it does not jepordize one’s spiritual walk of lively hood. The people are looking for peace within, a return to the 60’s and 50’s when morals and good clean living were something that was desired and yearned for. But now we have a dead and hollow substitute that covers the land and destroys all it comes into contact with. It is a half contaminated gospel full of poison and death. Its leven has spoiled all it touches.

Years ago a preacher did a study about economics and through his studies he found that the economy was so closely related to the ration of the morality of a country and this occurred in all his studies for each country that fell financially and spiritually.

Preachers have become immune to even thinking about any type of hardship to go through. The apostle Paul went through so much and yet how many today would serve God and know in advance that they would have to suffer very much and even possible death for proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. Self edification instead of dying to self or any type of message that calls for the putting our own will aside and let Christs life become ours.

What a joke we have become and have a shameful attitude. May God forgive us while there is time.   Send us your thoughts on this article