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Light or Perceived Light?

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Light or Perceived Light?

                “Brevity is an over rated virtue, if  brevity is a virtue at all.”  (Todd Ott, 2005)  This theological essay was not meant to be brief, but clear, and so as to where I stand will be made clear to those who will take the time to read it.

I have had only a few encounters with the Masonry religion over the years, none of them would be considered enlightening or transforming, and looking back on them reveals no real purpose, except to set the table of what is revealed now.

Back in the early 1960s, while I was working as a hod carrier for a masonry firm in Denver, I was required to belong to a union in order to obtain work.  When I found myself not being able to find work in this trade, I went to the Union Hall to wait my turn in getting on to a job site.  I was told by the Unionist behind the barred cage opening in the wall that there was no work but I was welcome to sit on the bench for awhile to see if anyone called in for a hod carrier.  While sitting there for only a few minutes, another man walked up to the window and thrust his Masonic ring through the bars of the cage and said to the same Unionist on the other side that there was a need for hod carriers at the Jewish Community Center project, and he was given a slip of paper and off he went.  The key to getting work at that Union hall was the Masonic Creed with evidence of a ring.  A few days later I did get work at the Jewish Community Center carrying hod for a black mason, who was not allowed to belong to the Masonic Lodge because of his color, but he belonged to another fraternity called the “Prince Hall” the black association of a similar secret society of masons.

My exposure to Freemasonry was limited to some peripheral associations with individuals until the late 1980s, when I became acquainted with a man who was in charge of the physical plant at Moorhead State University in Kentucky.  When I first met Joe, I noticed his ring, and I told him the story reiterated above.  We talked off and on over the next months about his association in the Lodge, and he eventually told me he was a Christian, which of course brought a great deal of interesting questions and conversations to our relationship.  Sometime in that relationship, Joe told me he was a pastor at a small congregation, and that of course made even more conversation.  I asked him pointedly how he was able to intertwine the teachings of Freemasonry and the Scriptures so that he could also call himself a Christian, and a pastor at that.  Needless to say, our relationship became somewhat strained as he invoked the Masonic argument, that “You just do not understand” and of course he was bound by his blood oaths of Freemasonry to not explain the secrets to me, but if I would just join the Lodge, all this would be made evident to me.

I remember visiting Joe sometime later, and I read for him Revelation 9:11.  “And they had as their king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon.” Joe did not say anything, but he became quiet and he changed the subject.

Still later, months later probably, I stopped in to see Joe and find out how he was doing.  I asked him how things were going at the Lodge and his answer astounded me.  “I do not go to the Lodge anymore.”  I asked him why?  He had been a member of his Lodge for decades, and I found it incredible that he would just up and withdraw his association.  He then said something that literally set me back in my chair.  “Why in the world would you quit your Lodge?” I asked.  Joe replied, “I got saved!” What?  How could this be?  You told me you were a Christian, and you are a Southern Baptist pastor, how could it be that you are now telling me that you got saved?  Well Joe really testified to a truth that I could hardly believe I was hearing.  For all those years in the past, he had been a member of the secret Lodge religion, as well as claiming to be a Christian, and even going so far as to becoming a Baptist minister and taking the office of Pastor in that congregation.  He told me that something had struck him when we were talking the last time, and that he realized that there was an enormous void in his Spiritual walk.  He confessed to the Lord and the Lord revealed to him, not me, that his association with the Lodge was a deception, that he was not really saved and not really transformed, but only speaking the part.  He said his faith as a Baptist was in reality a great front that his real understanding was in the light he had received as a Freemason.  In the end, God revealed to him that it was indeed the other way around, and with fear and trembling he told me he became a real Christian and began to read the Scriptures anew, and the Holy Spirit revealed to him the great deception of Freemasonry. 

This is why I am writing this today.  There is a great deception in the land, and there is a spirit in and around the country that has kept the prayers of many from reaching the ears of the Lord.  It is a wonder to me that we are heard at all with all the deceptions around us.  The Scriptures clearly tell us in Psalm 66:18, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, The Lord will not hear.”  Freemasonry is an iniquity before the Lord, not my words but the words of many who have been transformed to the real truth KNOWS this to be true; the transformed know it and it is hidden from those who remain entangled. 

 There is an amazing passage in Job 27:8-12 that reveals the essence of what is being discussed here.  (NKJ Version) 8: For what is the hope of the hypocrite, Though he may gain much, If God takes away his life Will God hear his cry when trouble comes upon him?  10: Will he delight himself in the Almighty?  Will he always call on God? 11: I will teach you about the hand of God; What is with the Almighty I will not conceal.  12: Surely all of you have seen it; Why then do you behave with complete nonsense?”  This Freemasonry is a complete nonsense, and even though the Mason practitioner will tell me that I do not understand, the God of the Scriptures will reveal it to those who seek Him in Spirit and in Truth.  Freemasonry is in a spirit, but it is not in a TRUTH.

Freemasons declare that they have been given light, a light that in essence is to be kept secret and not shared.  If this is so, it is directly apposed to the Truth of the Scriptures as we are COMMANDED to bring this Light of the Gospel to the far corners of the earth and not hold it back in secret rituals and customs.  I will bring some of these secrets to the open for them to be examined for I have not taken a blood oath on the Holy Scriptures to hold them secret.  The Freemason may say that I do not know what I am talking about, but if they were to examine themselves in front of the Scriptures without a proclivity and prejudice, they would have the True light come in and witness to their void the same transforming glory that was revealed to Joe, the Baptist preacher from Moorhead Kentucky.

Recently, as I was seeking the Lord during a quiet time, I asked the Lord to reveal to me the cause or causes of the people in many congregations who are appearing to not hear the Word of the Lord, yet they come to the congregations week after week, month after month, and year after year.  They seem to NEVER be effected spiritually by the message, especially the message that is the Word of God.  I have watched as the Word of God is revealed in these congregations, yet there are few if any who will request prayer, fewer still who will ask to be anointed with oil, and fewer still who realize that they are not being transformed by the Spirit of the Living God through His Word.  What is incomprehensible to me is the lack of real transformation amongst those in these congregations, revealing something through the Spirit to my spirit that there is something binding them.  I do not know what specifically is binding these shallow believers, but recently I was struck with a lament that I will try to lay before any who will read this work.

There is a Scripture in Ezekiel 8 that reveals something that I did not understand in relation to what is common to man, but it is another astounding evidence of what man is prone to doing if left to their own devices and proclivities.  Here is the Word of the Lord: Ezekiel 8:16-18. (KJV appeals more to me in this rendering)

“And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord’s house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the alter, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east. “ v-17 “Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man?  Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here?  For they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger; and, lo, they put the branch to their nose.” V-18 “Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in mine ear with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them.”   

This is precisely what is occurring in Freemasonry, their substance is actually based on a deception of light.  The result of their worship will cumulate in a fierce recompense for them when they stand before the Lord God almighty, and attempt to utter the most secret name of God, that they have assumed to get them the grace and life everlasting that they have earnestly sought through the knowledge and deception of the enemy of the soul, and brought fourth by amazing deceivers amongst the children of men.  They will be found in the balances wanting, and they will hear the voice of the Lord declare to them in the Thunder, “Depart from me, I NEVER KNEW YOU!”

I am going to start with another amazing truth in Scriptures, they reveal a starting place for this lament I have for this witness of the deceptions of Freemasonry in the Spirit.

This is the witness of the Word of the Lord to those who are redeemed:

For the customs of the peoples are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel, they adorn it with silver and gold, they fasten it with a hammer and nails so it will not totter.  These people are building for themselves a sanctuary, and they are calling it the house of the Lord, but the Lord will not meet them there, for they lack HIS faith.  It is the Lord who provides the sanctuary, and it is the Lord who gives us faith to believe.  Both the sanctuary and the sacrifice are of the Lord, and no man can please him with their will.  The men who have violated my covenant and have not fulfilled the terms of the covenant they made before me, I will treat like the calf they cut in two and walked between the pieces.  The stork in the heaven knows her appointed time, and the dove, the swift and the thrush observe the time of their migration, BUT MY PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE LORD. 

A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and MY PEOPLE LOVE TO HAVE IT SO; and what will you do in the end?

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.  He will be like a tree planted by the water, that sends out its roots by the stream.  It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green.  It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and beyond cure.  WHO CAN UNDERSTAND IT?

Freemasonry has been describes as the “Largest, richest, most secret and most powerful private force in the world” by  those who actually know, but there is no doubt it is “The Most Deceptive” both for the general public, and for the 3 degrees of “initiates”:  Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason which is the basic Blue Lodge.

 These initiates are purposely deceived in believing they know everything, while they don’t really know anything about their own religion, and a religion it is.  Make no mistake, it is a form of worship with works and evidences that transcend the truth of the Scriptures, indeed the Scriptures are intently and cleverly miss handled so as to confuse an antiquity called light, that is not antiquity at all but a cleverly disguised deception of the angel of light, the king of the bottomless pit himself, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon.

In the words of Albert Pike, in his book, “Morals and Dogma” the standard monitor of Masonry with copies often given to the members comes this amazing revelation.  “The first three degrees are but the outer court of the Temple.  Part of the symbols is displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally mislead by false interpretations.  It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understand them…it is well enough for mass of those called Masons to imagine that all is contained in the Blue Degrees” (“Morals and Dogma” page 819)

Freemasonry does not have an antiquity of history that those who practice it believe, and again I will be told that I just do not understand, but there is a truth that if Masons would actually take some time to investigate for themselves they would realize that it is they who do not really understand.  The quote above should be sufficient evidence for any who would really want to know whether they have the light of the truth, or the light of the sun they are facing with their backs against the door of the Temple which is a god of their own making.

Officially, Freemasonry was born in 1717, when four Craft Lodges gathered together at the Apple Tree Tavern in London and set up a constitution for Free and Accepted Masons written by a man named Anderson.  They have claimed an antiquity with roots traced to Egypt, Syria, Babylon and others, and they were the Stone Cutters of the Solomon Temple.  They have claimed specifically that “Hiram Abiff” (1R.7, 2Cr. 2,4) is their figure of Jesus the Christ because of his death-defying refusal to reveal trade secrets to intruders.

In the Masonic Creed, which I have taken word for word out of the Masonic study Bible, reveals some amazing things about how they have arrived at some of their efforts to make the Scripture fit the deception, rather than revealing the deception that Masons are fond of telling the uninitiated that they do not understand.



There is one God, the Father of all men,

The Holy Bible is the Great Light in Masonry, and the Rule and Guide for faith and practice.

Man is immortal.

Character determines destiny.

Love of man is, next to love of God, man’s first duty.

Prayer, communion of man with God, is helpful.

Recognizing the impossibility of confining the teaching of Masonry to any fixed forms of expression, yet acknowledging the value of authoritative statements of fundamental principles, the following is proclaimed as



Masonry teaches man to practice charity and benevolence, to protect chastity, to respect the ties of blood and relationship, to adopt the principles and revere the ordinances of religion, to assist the feeble, guide the blind, raise up the downtrodden, shelter the orphan, guard the alter, support the Government, inculcate morality, promote learning, love man, fear God, implore His mercy and hope for happiness.

Just how clear is this pronouncement in accordance with the whole of the Scriptures?  It is cleverly disguised as a message from the Scriptures themselves, but it is not.  The greatest deception of all is, “Revere the Ordinances of Religion” and that is a foundational corner stone of the whole movement.  While on the surface this appears to be an acceptable pronouncement of the Scriptures, there is more than sufficient evidence that Religion does not mean it is acceptable to God.  There are religions that are accepted by Freemasonry under the guise of an open secret society (A conundrum if ever there was one, for in order to receive the Light of the Order, one must swear a blood oath that he will not reveal the secrets to any uninitiated persons.  All this while believing and teaching who swear oaths on the Bible, Koran, or the Vedas are all binding and appropriate oaths to take and adhere to.  These oaths are a mockery and profanation of these scriptures, and they are swearing upon those scriptures to obey the Masonic religious beliefs that actually deny the own sacred scriptures.)

Masonry links cults and religious forms of all ages:  Egypt, Kabbalah, the Occult, Spiritism, Alchemy (Actually the founder Hermes, is supposed to be one of the original founders of Freemasonry) and believe it or not, Satanism.  To the honest Masons of the first three Degrees, for all intent most Masons, is that they participate in rituals with occult significance, whose symbolism is undisclosed to them.  The god of the Masons is “Relativistic” because it cannot be known, but it is good because it fits!  Only in the Masonic symbolism, which is ambiguous and left to the interpretation of the individual, is adapted to the truth of what god is.

For the Freemason, regardless of what they have been indoctrinated to tell the uninitiated, Jesus the Christ is not God, or that he is god as much as you and I are gods.  Masonry specifically and undeniably excludes all particular biblical teachings about Messiah Jesus such as His incarnation, redemptive mission, death, and resurrection.  In fact, no biblical truth about Christ is affirmed by Masonry.  Some Lodges who are off shoots of so called Christianity here in the south might pretend that they have included in their Lodges the teachings of Christ, how else could they continue to be congregants in even evangelical churches?  If one were to look closely at what they are doing, say in a mirror for example, they would find themselves acting as complete fools with their “Signs” of Degrees.

 Here I will dare to expose some of the signs of the first three Degrees, the Deception of the oaths of secrecy.

                Entered Apprentice:  Cut my throat and tongue, and the sign is the flat hand to the throat.

                Fellow Craft: Cut open my chest, and put my heart and lungs on my left shoulder.  The right hand made into a fist while the left hand is raised in an oath taking.

                Master Mason: Put my bowels out.  This sign is the open right hand across the abdomen and the left hand at the side.

These oaths are most deceptive, ridiculous, disproportionate, and, especially, they make the Mason to violate and deny his Christian faith, and indeed if one were to look carefully at the Koran he would find that this denies even this Christ-less aberration of faith invented by mankind.

Here revealed are the oaths sworn by initiates into this “Religion.” I fully realize and understand that I am revealing the secrets of the Freemasons, but I am called to expose ungodliness where I find it, and this anointing is no less applicable than right here and right now.

1.  The First Degree of ”Apprentice”.  In a so called Christian subjected Lodge, he places his hand on a Bible and swears:  “I (name), in the presence of Almighty God, most solemnly promise and swear that I will always hail, ever conceal, and never reveal any of the arts, parts of points of the hidden mysteries of Freemasonry….binding myself under the penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea “(Duncan’s Ritual, pp. 34-35)

2.  The second Degree of “Fellow Craft”, he swears and affirms on the Bible, in the presence of Almighty God, “under the penalty than having my breast open…and my heart and lungs thrown over my left shoulder…so help me God”

3.  The Third Degree of “Master Mason” he swears and affirms “under the penalty than that of having my body severed in two, my bowels taken from thence and burn to ashes…so help me God”

These are blood oaths, and any Christian who administers or accepts these abominations of the Scripture is surely deceived at the least and possibly not a Christian at all, but one who professes and acknowledges a form of Christianity, and actually denies the power thereof in the true worship of the Living God.  These penalties are obviously exaggerated for effect, but they are none the less blood oaths.  If any reveal the simplest form of the rituals and passwords, such as the secret hand grip, a lodge rite, or a password such as “Boaz” or “Tubal Cain”, the oath consequences are said to be invoked.  The argument here by the Freemason is that these oaths are only symbolism, and it is interesting that these symbolic oaths are not to be taken literally, but there are some Masons who do take them literally and fear the consequences.  If these oaths are taken for the holding of the secrets, what in the world should become of those who commit rape, murder, or other serious crimes against humankind directly spoken against in the Real Scriptures?

The main deception of these oaths sworn by Freemasons is that you swear to God to uphold Masonry, and that can only be done by sacrificing your Christian or Jewish heritage.  Even the Muslim must forsake his foundational heritage to do and say these pronouncements of deception.

This next exposed aspect of Freemasonry is taken directly, word for word, from the Masonic Bible, the forward written by R.W. and Reverend Joseph Fort Newton under the title of;


The Bible in Masonry

“Thus, by the very honor which Masonry pays to the Bible, it teaches us to revere every book of faith in which men find help for today and hope for the marrow, joining hands with the man of Islam as he takes oath on the Koran, and with the Hindu as he makes covenant with God upon the book that he loves best.”

For Masonry knows, what so many forget, that religions are many, but Religion is one—perhaps we may say one thing, but that one thing includes everything—the life of God in the soul of man, and the duty and hope of man which proceed from His essential character.  Therefore, it invites to its altar men of all faiths, knowing that, if they use different names for “The Nameless One of a hundred names,” they are yet praying to the one God and Father of all; Knowing, also, that while they read different volumes, they are in fact reading the same vast Book of the Faith of Man as revealed in the struggle and sorrow of the race in its quest of God.  So that, great and noble as the Bible is, Masonry sees it as a symbol of that eternal Book of the Will of God which Lowell described when he wrote his memorable lines:” (Lord have mercy on me as I take precious time to write what these witless and clueless purveyors of deception have written, but let it be as a window into this great deception)

“Slowly the Bible of the race is writ,

And not on paper leaves nor leaves of stone;

Each age, each kindred, adds a verse to it,

Texts of despair or hope, of joy or moan.

While swings the sea, while mists the mountain shroud,

While thunder’s surges burst on cliffs of cloud

Still at the prophets’ feet the nations sit.”

What an absolutely load of horse droppings are penned into the pages of the Scriptures.  It is near inconceivable that men would turn to this and completely disregard what is actually written on those pages of Scripture.

 Let us continue with what they have themselves penned in addition to the Scriptures.  “None the less, much as we honor every book of faith in which any man has found courage to lift his hand above the night that covers him and lay hold of the mighty Hand of God, with us the Bible is supreme.  What Homer was to the Greeks, what the Koran is the Arabs, that, and much more, the grand old Bible is to us.  It is the mother in our literary family, and if some of its children have grown up and become wise in their own conceit, they yet rejoice to gather about the knee and pay tribute.”

This goes on for pages, and I have read them carefully, and NOT ONE WORD IN ANY OF IT IS IT REVEALED THIS TRUE TEST OF THE FAITH PROVIDED BY THE ONE TRUE GOD.  “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven whereby we MUST be saved” Acts 4:10-12.  In Freemasonry is woven this tapestry of deceit, that there is salvation to any who seek by their means; they do not have to seek by what God has already provided.

Listen to yourself read these words from the Freemasons Bible preamble:


“In all the rich symbolism of Ancient Craft Masonry two symbols, or symbolic themes, predominate.  One is the search for light; the other is the labor of building.  The source of light is the Holy Bible, and the grand representation of the builder’s are it King Solomon’s Temple.

Searching persistently and building carefully, the candidate travels slowly toward the East.  As he pursues his quest for light and more light and still further light in Masonry, he learns by the way to use the working tools of the stone craftsman, until at last he finds himself portraying the character of the greatest of all legendary buildings, the master architects of King Solomon’s Temple.  Searching and building, light and the Temple,—the two dominant Masonic themes are distinct but not separate, complementary rather than supplementary.”

In words more easily understood by any thinking and seeking Christian, we can follow these principles and obtain the eternity promised by Yahweh, searching for light via the Masonry doctrine and religion, and working to obtain that promise that those who work will be rewarded whether they have that uncompromising faith in that one name written under heaven by which we might be saved.

In all of this seeking through a profaned knowledge of the Scriptures, there is yet a more compelling prophetic revelation found in Haggai chapter 2.  It actually reveals that the underlining cornerstone foundational theology of Freemasonry is not new, but was found in those who were found wanting and revealed by Haggai. 

Ch. 2v:12 “If one carries holy meat in the fold of his garment, and with the edge he touches bread or stew, wine or oil, or any food, will it become holy?” ’ ” Then the priests answered and said, “No.” v: 13, And Haggai said, “If one who is unclean because of a dead body touches any of these, will it be unclean?”  So the priest answered and said, “It shall be unclean.”  It is precisely here that the hidden is revealed.  V: 14 Then Haggai answered and said, “ ‘So is this people, and so is this nation before me,’ says the Lord, ‘and so is every work of their hands; and what they offer there is unclean.  V:15 ‘And now, carefully consider from this day forward; from before the stone was laid upon stone in the temple of the Lord—v:16 ‘s since those days, when one came to a heap of twenty ephahs, there were but ten; when one came to the wine vat to draw out fifty baths from the press, there were but twenty.  V:17 ‘I struck you with blight and mildew and hail in all the labors of your hands; yet you did not turn to Me,’ says the Lord.  And so it is with Freemasonry.

In the next 24 pages in this Masonic Bible preamble are written the precepts of how the temple of Solomon as the enlightened leaders of Freemasonry causes their theology of fabrication to fit into the Scripture.  It is common to man, there is nothing new under the sun, that man form a society, name it a religion, then proceed to profane the Scriptures to make it fit our idea of a god from within, rather than accepting the Scriptures for what they say and realizing a transformation of the soul by the God from without.  It is nothing but nonsense in its essence, but every Mason practitioner who also believes himself to be a Christian should read carefully, out loud, with a witness present.  It is absolutely amazing the blindness of the hoodwinked.

Here is another amazing testimony taken directly from the preamble of the Masonic Bible.  “Always present in the Lodge for the swearing of candidates, it become increasingly important in the minds and lives of its readers.  Masons became aware of the Biblical source of many of their legends, and perhaps became inclined to attribute biblical significance to the legends which originally had none.”  Need more be said?  Yes, there is much more.

“In the century following the Reformation, the craft attracted philosophers, scientists, and antiquaries, as well as gentlemen and soldiers.”  This quote is taken from this same work of the Masonic Bible study section.  Is it not ironic that men of renown, men of old, crept in unawares to the true faith that were indeed held in bondage of supposed light?  Jude 4: “For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.”  There is little doubt that the spirit that guides the Freemasons into their supposed light is actually the angel of light, and they have secretly sworn oaths to hide their deception.

Let me go on to quote another passage from this Masons Bible.  “This legend, of which there were possible suggestions in the earliest manuscripts, had grown to be one of the dominant themes in Masonry.”  They are speaking here of Solomon’s Temple, and they themselves are calling it legend, and all the while trying to conceal it around some Scriptures of their own choosing to disguise the deception, and thereby ensnaring the unsuspecting candidates into a worthless waste of their own soul.  It is inconceivable that thinking men would fall for this ungodly perversion, but read on still more from their book of legends.

 “But though in ancient Times Masons were charged in every Country to be of the Religion of the Country or Nation, what ever it was, yet ‘tis now thought more expedient only to oblige them to that Religion in which all men agree, leaving their particular opinions to themselves; that is, to be good Men and True, or men of Honour and Honesty, by whatever Denominations or Persuasions they may have distinguished; whereby Masonry becomes the centre of Union, and the means of conciliating true Friendship, among Persons that must else have remained at the perpetual distance.”  Still deeply religious, Masonry had become universal.”  How does one forget the great commission of the real Scripture to accommodate this philosophy of Abaddon?

There are many perversions of Scripture to accommodate these following particulars of this religion, all of them attempting to bring the truth of the Scripture to bear on the proclivities of the secret society, too many to actually write down, but suffice it to say that the headings of each of these Degrees should be sufficient to understand the deceptions of the attempts to coheres an understanding from those who will never understand.

Initiation:  First Degree

First Section

From Darkness to Light

The aid of Deity


Trust in God

The Altar

The Obligation


The Master

The Light of Life

The Pearly Gates

The Clods of the Valley

The Great White Throne

The Faithful Servant

Untempered Mortar

The Poor

The House Not Made With Hands

The Northeast Corner


The New Name

 (This one caused me to nearly fall over…”And will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.  Rev 2:17)

Distressed Worthy Brother


First Degree

Second Section

First Preparation


The Inner Door

The Atheist

(This one too I found interesting, while quoting the Scriptures Psalm 53:1 and Proverbs 1:7, the Freemasons will still accept one who does not believe in order to convert him with the foolishness of corrupted scriptures)

The Cornerstone

Emblem of Innocence

Hills and Valleys

Universal Charity

The Pillar of Wisdom

Jacob’s Ladder


The North Side

The Tabernacle

Brotherly Love

St. John the Baptist

St. John the Evangelist


The Charge



The Golden Rule

(This one amused me, that they would teach that men should do to others what would do to you, do to them likewise Luke 6:27-38.  Is it not incredible that they take an oath of blood, then propose to do it to others, that they be like minded and with a kinship spirit?)

The Great and Sacred Name

(Here they pervert every Scripture they claim to own, and not one single time or place do they acknowledge the name of Jesus, the ONLY Name under heaven by which we can be saved!  It is incredible)

The Mason as Citizen


Passing: Second Degree

First Section

The Plumbline

The Precious Jewels

The Valley of Jehoshaphat


Second Degree:

Second Section

Middle Chamber Lecture

Works of Creation

The Sabbath

The Craftsman

Wages of Fellowcraft

Peace on Earth

(Still more perverted understanding that man could bring peace to the earth if only they understood)

The Porch

The Three Chambers

The Winding Stairs

The Pillars

Destruction of the Temple

The Spiritual Temple

(This effort is extremely troubling as it is attempting to bring understanding through the wisdom of the Masonry Theological opening to the soul, and a complete perversion)

The Clay Ground

The Human Senses

The Fords of the Jordan

The Letter G

(A most amazing acknowledgement of the light they have perpetrated, the references are for the word God, but not really grasped that God names himself through out Scripture)

Reverence to God

(Again, using Isaiah references in 45: 22-23, not realizing that Jesus has come, He is Messiah, and it is Through His Name that we are saved.  Their reverence is to their understanding by their light, never coming to the truth of what is given to those who believe and are transformed into the likeness of Christ)


Raising: Third Degree:

First Section

Dust to Dust

Contention Among Brothers

(This does not have anything to do with those of the faith, but for those in Masonry.  They have misused the Scripture to acquaint themselves with a binding)


Third Degree:

Second Section

Rubbish in the Temple

(This one really reeks of rubbish in the heart)

Troubles in Life


(Not once is anything uttered that our prayers are answered through Christ)

Emblems of Innocence

Sprig of Acacia

Flight to Joppa

The Clefts of the Rocks

The Jewel

The Word

The Interment

The Hailing Sign

(This one is so incredible from 1 Kings 20: 31-34)


Third Degree:

Third Section

Historical Lecture

David’s Plans for the Temple

God’s Promise to David

Beginning of the Temple

The Master Builder

Building the Temple

Wisdom of Solomon

Metal Tools

King Solomon’s Levy

(From which comes the inescapable conclusion as to how they gain funding for their societies)


Third Degree


The Grave

The Scythe

The Commandments

All Seeing Eye

(This one is outrageous, misusing the Scriptures to validate a foolish comprehension of their understanding and Light)

Anchor and Ark


Eternal Life

The Eternal Rest

(Neither of these two last ones reveal anything about the Grace of the Lord, only that they who work and seek the light of Masonry will obtain.  Nothing here of the Work of Christ on the Cross, nothing of redemption by Faith, not of Works, NOTHING)


There are 160 questions and answers in this work, every one of them supposedly bringing light to the initiated of Masonry, and none of them accurately exhibit the true light of what the Scripture actually says.

There supposedly are 5 million on the earth practicing Freemasonry, obviously this is another legend of guessing, and 3 million in the United States.  There is no way to accurately censes this number, suffice it to say that there are a lot of deceived people around us.  They are not only deceived, they are indoctrinated with Invincible Ignorance, that no discussion can be trusted as they will not reveal the truth about their own deception, after all they have taken a blood oath to protect their truth.  There are a number of Masonic Temples of Charities throughout the land, and they claim (Or claimed when my sources were written, date unknown) that $300 million went to hospitals and other institutions, which on the surface looks and sounds good.  If you consider that each Masonic practitioner contributes just $5 per week, they would collect $1,300 million per year.  They are extremely good at deceiving outsiders, and like the society’s secrecy, it is often cloaked to hid its real teachings and goals.  A lot of this money is given for the charity aspect, but it goes really to the Order.  In 1985, the “Circuses” of the Shriners generated $23 million, but only 2% went to medical care of children.  In 1984, out of $17 million only 1% went to charity, and all the rest went to the Order!  (Orlando Sentinel, June 29, 1986)

The “Ku-Klux-Klan” that infamous institution of secrecy cloaked in white supremacy was founded by a Mason.  Nathan Bedford Forrest, a great southern gentleman and general of Artillery during the Civil War, and this society was revitalized in 1915 by another Mason, William Simmons.  Great understanding of the Scriptures brings ungodliness such as the KKK to the pages of history.

The reality of fundamental Scriptural study will reveal that Christianity and Freemasonry cannot be intermixed and associated, regardless of what the practitioners have brought to the discussion.  Any number of true Scriptural exegeses would reveal this, but Invincible Ignorance and the light that comes from Lucifer will not allow it to be revealed.

Catholics: have excommunicated from their churches by no less than 8 Popes.

Baptist: leaders over the years have referred to this aberration as “An ungodly brotherhood of satanic darkness” but for some reason this does not appear to bring any to repentance.  There is an inherent incompatibility between Masonry and the Christian Faith, and there is great danger that the Christian Mason compromising his allegiance to Jesus.  (The Baptist Union of Scotland, 1965)

Lutherans: say clearly, “Masonry amounts to idolatry.”  (Missouri Synod, 1959)

Presbyterians: “Masonry is a religious institution and as such is definitely anti-Christian” (General Assembly, Rochester, 1942)

Methodists: “There is a great danger that the Christian who becomes a Freemason will find himself comprising his Christian beliefs.  Methodists should not become Masons.”  (Interesting they use the word ‘should’ rather that ‘must’)  General Assembly London, 1985)

There is much more that could be written and revealed about this abhorrent society, but those who should know and understand have Invincible Ignorance and will not be able to receive it.  Those who do not know will not spend the time to look at this in order to have a sound apologetic of their own faith and to reason for themselves the dangers in some of these often praised and admired secret societies. 

What is most disconcerting of all of this is the real fact that some within the church are deceived into thinking that they belong to a society that gives them light and understanding.  What is revealed in the end is, that they have neither light or understanding.  They are dead men walking, never considering that their prayers to these unnamed gods of their own making cannot hear them, nor can they actually change the circumstances of their existence.

Many years ago, a dear friend in Christ rebuked me for thinking and actually saying, that I believe the god of the human mind and fabrication will remove a threat, an illness, a difficulty, or what ever you wish to name it, to make the ignorant who call themselves Christians and also participate in this kind of deception think they have reached the One True God.  By removing the thing of difficulty, they are led to think that they have reached the Lord God Yahweh through His Christ, when they have not.  It has enforced and reinforced their belief that their understanding, even under this deception of Freemasonry, is truly of the Lord, so they continue in the path they have chosen, never coming to the knowledge of the Truth.  My friend may have been right in his thought because he was thinking of true ignorant Christians, while I was referring to many such as Freemasons.

I do not believe the Freemasons are heard by the God of the Scriptures, so anything that resembles an awakening or even the intervention into the workings of men by this hand of God is but abhorrent deception by the angel of Light himself, Lucifer. This of course will cause a separation between those in active Freemasonry and me who might actually read this essay, but it is a price I am willing to be held accountable for.  I have been called to reveal godlessness and foolishness where ever I find it by the Spirit of the Living God, and some will reject it out of hand, others will laugh and ridicule as they do the rest of the ignorant who do not wish to know, while yet others will become violent in their opposition to me.  So be it, and may the Lord God of the Scriptures treat me ever so harshly if I have not spoken the truth about this ungodly practice of Freemasonry.   What are your thoughts on this article?

 Redeemed by the blood of Christ, and forever shall I be,

 Ray Grosser

 References: (I have rewritten much of what I have gleaned from other seekers, and so as not be a plagiarist, I will try to identify all my sources)

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