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February 18, 2008

WARNING! This material on this page may be offensive to some.  We apologize for this but feel it necessary so you may see for yourself what is going on in the churches today!

Sometimes we are accused of being too negative.  If many of you have seen what we have seen across this country and world, you would be right here beside us trying to do what you could to help people understand just how far we as a people have fallen away from the Lord.  This page is designed to give you a chance to maybe see for the first time some of how bad it really is out there in the world.  So many of us are cooped up in our own little space in the world and do not see what is actually going on.  I hope and pray that your eyes will be opened to the truth so that you will become a servant and soldier for the Lord and His righteous way.

James Chapter 4
Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.
5 Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy? 6 But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. 7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

How is the above video different from anything the world has to offer.  I see nothing in the video that uplifts Jesus or does anything that helps to spread the Gospel message.

This advertisement below is just plain crazy.  See the February 25, schedule for "Raising Sexually Satisfied Kids."  What in the good name of the Lord is wrong with people.

If your sex life is just not up to snuff, you may be going to the wrong church. Eastlake Community Church in Kirkland, WA recently had 4 Weeks of Sex. They even sent out a mailer to all the homes in their community to announce the 4 Weeks of Sex.

Who wants to go to a church that studies the Bible when you can go to a church that does 4 Weeks of Sex? Maybe they should stretch that out and do an entire year or two of sex. Imagine how many people they could rope in if they did that!

Notice the February 25th schedule.  What has teaching new sexual moves have to do with the Gospel Message?  Nothing! Absolutely Nothing! Also notice the ad itself.  LOUD MUSIC, SHORT SERVICES! Nothing but tickling of the ears for the pew sitters. Gotta make sure they do not keep them too long in fear they may get curious as to why they learn nothing from the Bible in that Church.

Church or Sex Club?

This is from The Gathering in Sevierville, Tennessee (a Purpose-Driven Church). They sent 51,000 of these mailers to the people in their community which means that thousands of children were exposed to this scintillating marketing piece when they opened their mailboxes. This upset many parents in Sevierville county (and it should have).

What ever happened to the idea that, "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea?" (Mark 9:42) What about holiness and not causing a brother to stumble?

All of these Biblical restraints are gone because these purpose-driven, culturally relevant, innovative churches only care about the numbers. It doesn't matter what you use to get people to come to church, the only thing that matters to these churches is that their attendance is growing. In fact, The Gathering is reporting that 87 people 'got saved' during the first week of their Red Hot Sex sermon series. So in their mind the ends justify the means. But, how is this ANY different than using Pole Dancers to attract people to a church?

Pole Dancing Ministry?

Many times we think that things in the Christian Church cannot sink any lower, then along comes a story that proves us wrong. This is one of them.

The Ledger, a newspaper in Florida has a story about two Christian women who've opened up a health club that features Pole Dancing. Yes, this is the very same 'pole dancing' made famous in strip clubs. Said one of these Christian women:

"We wanted to take the stigma off it. We don't do any exotic at all; we're not into that. We're two Christian women. It's not about nudity; it's about getting your body to the place you want to be and not being judged."

Here is the link to the Ledger Story.

With the way things are going in the church it is now just a matter of time before some innovative pastor finds a way to weave pole-dancing into church. These women have already taken the first step. Below is a satirical story we've written that we are certain will become reality within the next few years.

Abundant Life Fellowship, the church that bills itself as the church where you can "Experience God's Perfect Plan For Your Life, Today" is proudly reporting that 66 people gave their hearts to Jesus during the first performance of their new "Pole Dancing Ministry".

Several on-line discernment ministries have spoken out against the event saying that it is "inappropriate for churches to use pole dancing for evangelism."

Pole dancing which is a popular form of entertainment in strip clubs has been working its way into the main stream over the last several years with several companies and health clubs offering it as a way for women to shape and tone their bodies.

Pastor Steven Ignoble of Abundant Life Fellowship defends his decision to use pole dancing for reaching the un-churched. Said Ignoble:

"There were 66 people who came to Jesus because of this outreach event! God is the one who made the female body and I am sure that God has no problem with these women using their bodies to spread the gospel. Plus our ladies never take all of their clothes off so this is way different than what happens in a strip club. Yes, it is true that Satan has been using Pole Dancing for decades as a way to snare men into sinning. But, that is precisely why the church should be rejoicing about the fact that we've taken pole dancing away from the enemy and are using it to advance God's Kingdom. While those 'discernment' ministries are attacking us and ripping our methods...Heaven is rejoicing in the victory of 66 people having their names written in the Book of Life!!!"

Pastor Ignoble also plans to incorporate this new ministry into the regular Sunday morning praise and worship services by setting up two poles on opposite sides of the stage for these ladies praise the Lord with.


Reminds me of the line for women to become 'Hookers for Jesus' used by the Moonies back in the 70's. Nothing new under the sun, eh?

I'm gonna tell it like it is and it will not sound pleasant. THESE WOOMEN ARE IDIOTS!!!...I am a woman....these women have the "countenance" of the can see it on their face and in there eyes....the blond one looks like she could have just come out of a smoke filled bar. Next point....this is stirring up the lust of the flesh....ok..your door is locked and you're swinging on a pole. Are any of these women thinking about Jesus as they do this? PROBABLY're swinging on a pole, stirring up the lust of the flesh...."America Woman" blasting in the background...these women are in lesbain training. day the wine will come out...the swinging on the pole will heat up and you'll have a lesbian'll know how to "tease your man".

THIS MAKES WE WANT TO VOMIT....and I am no prude because in my own "hell's bells" days this type of behavior seemed normal. The fact that these women "are Christians" may bring this very sensual idea to the next "ladies meeting".

I'm telling you there has been a lustfilled spirit released upon the body of CHrist. Rob Bell and his SEX GOD book...Juanita Bynum /Bishop Weeks with their "name your wife's fav. body part" game show..the erotica church in the UK sson to come to the USA I'm sure...and now Pole dancers for Jesus.....

"It's not about nudity; it's about getting your body to the place you want to be and not being judged."

Really? Isn't it funny that that quote comes directly after the following?

"But law-enforcement officials--as well as would-be voyeurs--can relax: Nudity is not an element of the weekly classes, which are private and only open to women.

"'We've had men who wanted to come and watch,' Moore said. 'I've told them, "You can't afford it."'"

Okay, so if it's not erotic, why can't men come and watch? Aren't we trying to "remove the stigma" here? Hmmm?

And furthermore, "You can't afford it"? Um, that's hooker talk. Ladies don't talk like that.

And then there's this gem: "'I find myself walking around in the kitchen sexy,' Walker said, noting the activity's effects. 'I don't care what you look like, when you do this you feel it. You get into the mood.'"

Nope, not erotic at all. And it can't possibly do anything to your morality:

"'They make it look a lot easier in strip clubs, and I give them a lot more respect for what they do now,' [Montes] said."

And then: "'Everybody dreams to have a pole in their room. It spices up everybody's life.'" Um, either you didn't ask my opinion, or I'm not anybody. Frankly, the last thing I need in my bedroom is something for me to walk into in the middle of the night without my glasses on, or fall off of and break my ankle. Between exersaucers, strollers, and swings, I'm in enough danger as it is.

My final assessment: They can squawk all they want about how there's no sexuality attached to this, but every other word that they say proves that they're LYING.

66 people came to Jesus? PROVE IT. I really mean that. I don't allow that as a justification anymore, because what does it mean in circus "churches" to "come to Jesus"? I assure you it doesn't mean the same thing as it meant to the apostles in Acts.

I suppose a "church" can hold a seance so long as somebody there "comes to Jesus".

If it's not exotic dancing, then why aren't the men also pole dancing? Don't they need to tone their bodies? Shouldn't they also be helping to "spread the gospel" in this way?

After all, in Christ, there is neither male nor female.


Then, maybe, both could spread the gospel in this way: line dancing in the spirit?


your right, I would highly doubt that 66 people came to Christ because of pole dancers. but that story isnt real. it was satire (and pretty accurate satire at that). unless you were being sarcastic and i just didnt get it. if thats the case, sorry about that.


I was embarassed for all of the women in both videos. They looked ridiculous in those stylettos. I hope the ALF Church has good liability insurance for this type of activity. Makes me think of Os Guinness's Book "Fit Bodies, Fat Minds." These women would be better off exercising their heart and minds in the Word of God (that is if they could find a God-fearing teacher). What next? Chippendales for Jesus? Lord, please forgive us and have mercy on us all.

Where is this Abundant Life Fellowship church, I'd really like to find their website and see what they are, but there's a bunch out there unfortunately, anyone have a link to this heretical place?

Truly an abomination!

Ahh, dumb me, I didn't see the satire, here I was looking for the real church. :P


Ha, okay I get it now. Sorry about that!

But the truth is, how many use something like this and then try to justify it by saying the masses have all come to Jesus and there's no unbelievers left on earth LOL. Your satire was right on.


T.J.--You need to go ask God to forgive you for all the hate you were spewing. Come on--Gonna become Lesbians?! Is that what you would do if you were with a group of women & "the wine came out" as you said it?! Someone's repressed!

Mrs. Pilgrim --The reason men aren't allowed is because it's not FOR them like stripping in a club is. Female empowerment -- not Jonny Gets His Rocks Off. The description of you bumping into a pole at night painted a "frumpy" picture, so I will assume that's a big part of why you can't identify with women who are confident about their bodies.

Ken J.--Prove it? & here we are talking about a religion based on having "Faith" of God's existence.........not proof. I guess it's only when you're trying to argue something on your side that Faith over Proof is ok.

Al--FYI there are MALE pole dancers(that AREN'T gay). Sometimes, they take private lessons or all male classes. Just depends on the studio & the other participates feelings towards it.


If that's "female empowerment," then may it be dammed to Hell.

"confident about their bodies..." Give me a break! I'm a woman, and I'm plenty "empowered" without this filth.

JessilynT, if you claim to be a Christian, you need to carefully examine your own heart. There are several Biblical principles here that you need to take note of:

1. Women are commanded to dress modestly for a reason. Men are aroused by what they see. Any woman, who through immodest clothing (or sexualized gyrations around a pole) is then a liable party to the commission of adultery of the heart. (1 Timothy 2:9, Matthew 5:28)

2. Christians are commanded to not have even the smallest HINT of sexual immorality among them. This is WAY MORE than a hint. (Ephesians 5:3)

3. A genuine Christian would give up personal freedom, in ANY area, rather than cause another Christian to stumble. (Romans 14:20)

JessilynT, I suggest you visit and take the "Good Person Test" to see if you're good enough to make it to Heaven.

How is it "filth", "sexual immorality" or a "commission of adultery of the heart" if the only man I dance for is the husband I married in a house of God?

Christian women do not gather together in "classes" to practice the sexual ANYTHING. Imagine a supposed "Christian" class for women to practice the best way to sexually please their husbands... perhaps they could practice different acrobatic sexual positions... This pole dancing class is no different.

Sexuallity is reserved for the purity of the Christian marriage bed. One husband, one wife. That's it. The end.

JessilynT, I suggest you visit and take the "Good Person Test" to see if you're good enough to make it to Heaven.