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By Debra Rae
March 28, 2010

Part 1: Self-God

The enticement to be like god is a timeless seduction. Perhaps the most recognizable self-proclaimed deity this century is the affable 14th Dalai Lama. Master of the most revered Tibetan monks, he is at home with his own divinity, for which he credits a strong will and karmic force. Looking to him and other ostensibly highly-evolved ascended masters, growing numbers of mystics view themselves as embryo gods-in-the-making.

This new spirituality is no more than rehash of a very old lie. Described in the Bible as a beautiful, anointed cherub, Lucifer exalted himself above all others. He purposed to usurp humans as crown of God’s creation; even more, he wanted to become as god. With that very ambition, Lucifer seduced Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit of knowledge, reserved for God alone.

Earth’s first lady, Eve, learned the hard way that “playing God” rendered no service to her relationship with God, her family and humanity at large. As a result of self-god delusion, Lucifer fell as lightning from heaven; and both Adam and Eve were ousted from paradise.[1]

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The Ultimate Blasphemy

For hundreds of years, each new generation has poured over poetic verses (quatrains) contained within Nostradamus’ ten books called Centuries. Since the age of the Renaissance, writings of this mid-16th century French sage-prophet have awed mystics. His end-time prophesies once again are all the rage.

In the esoteric world, the Law of Threes is well known. Nostradamus likewise anticipated three antichrists—all charismatic, messianic kings of terror; each more evil than his predecessor. Although not necessarily delusional, prophets of “the curious arts,” as Nostradamus, drew from sources other than the God of the Bible. Examples abound.[2]

Nearly two-hundred-year-old "Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecies" anticipate coming of a Pale One when their calendar ends in 2012. Apparently, the first-degree Masonic Tracing Board contains this very prophecy.[3] A notable initiate of the secret, fraternal society Knights of Pythias (pronounced /pith/), Nelson Rockefeller looked to “a powerful free-world, supra-national political being” (The Future of Federalism, 1962). Even Muslims anticipate an “imposter” not unlike “the prince that shall come” prophesied by the statesman Daniel.[4]

Be sure, biblical penmen anticipated ever-escalating, end-time deceivers culminating in a latter-day visionary destined to become the greatest dictator the world has known. Over time, this one known as antichrist will demand the loyalty, and eventually the worship, of world citizens. Upon entering the Holy of Holies to declare his godhood, he epitomizes the ultimate blasphemy of “self-god”—this, by standing instead of and, thus, against the Messiah. Antichrist will be Lucifer incarnate (an avatar, if you will)—his bait the promise of becoming god.[5]

“The New Spirit” of Men

As a matter of interest, the Mayan calendar is divided into seven ages of man. In the fifth age, men will realize their spiritual destiny. In the sixth, they discover the god within; and in the seventh age, they allegedly become telepathic.

Indigenous insights and, when warranted, psychedelic drug use assist contemporary mystics in their ascent to supposedly higher levels of existence—this, by tapping cosmic energy and thereby metamorphosing from demi-god to full blown godhood. Theirs is “the new spirit of men” that’s not so new after all.

Numerous ancient cultures finger December 21, 2012 as a marker for the world’s end on one hand, and for a coming new dawn of global enlightenment on the other. As the targeted date nears, increasing numbers of planetary light bearers claim to have achieved full flowering of human potential. They herald what promises to be a mass planetary quantum leap to the higher self, thus signaling a new age of “the perfected man” (Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods, 1921).

The Feminine Side of God

In the wake of women’s liberation, girl power is said to rock. Empowerment jargon—e.g., “I am WOMAN; hear me roar”—mirrors mantras of would-be adepts whose spirits are awakened. Jungian psychologist Marion Woodman credits the International Women of Wisdom Foundation for manifesting what she calls “the feminine side of god.” WOW welcomes “any woman who desires to connect with other women” and thereby “be inspired by the spirit that links us” and “our ancestors before us.”[6]

A Process Booster: OptiMysticism

While notable teachers of low-rung terrestrial humanity include Christ (thrown in with the likes of Moses and Buddha), disciples of contemporary OptiMysticism claim to share an even higher calling. In an OptiMystic’s view, illumined humanity occupies an “ascending place” within the universe. Human destiny is achieved by conscious ascension through centrifugal fields of energy called “aziums.”

New revelation of Universal Azium Ascension purportedly awakens celestial humanity to capital “L”-Life in the greater universe. In other words, those highly evolved become god by applying OptiMystic meditative techniques. In this way, they accelerate conscious evolution from lower rungs of instinct and intellect through the third rung of emotion—i.e., love—and on to higher stages of spirit-consciousness. The peak at which one evolves into Super-Humanity is popularly known as the Omega Point.[7]

Truth Unveiled: Partaking of the Divine Nature

While the Bible advances no cosmic plan for global enlightenment, collaboration and empowerment apart from the Lord, Jesus Christ, what it does offer exceeds human imagination and desire. Ultimately, by His doing, the believer partakes of the divine nature—but only in measure and in strictest accordance with God’s plan.

Allow me to explain. As recorded in John, Chapter 17, Jesus prayed to the Father that His followers would all be made “as one” together with the Father and Him (God incarnate). To realize this destiny, the Christian disengages, not from terrestrial illusion, but rather from sin, defined biblically as “transgression of law.” In contrast, New Thought gurus as Marianne Williamson claim that sin doesn’t even exist. “You’ve committed no sins,” she adds—“just mistakes.” If this were true, which it isn’t, Christ’s admonition to “sin no more” was spurious and His sacrifice in vain.?[8]

Christ’s redemptive work bridged the sin gap and thereby provided access to the divine nature. The Greek word for “partaker” speaks to “joint participation.” Christians share a common portion of the Father in much the same way that human offspring possess the nature of their biological parents. In no way do they commandeer His godhood.[9]

What Aquarians reference as “the inner force” is what the Bible calls “seducing spirits.”[10] The bottom line is this: Without biblically-grounded revelation of God’s will for us, coupled with due vigilance, even Christians are susceptible to the counterfeit version of “partaking of the divine nature.”

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