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College wrong to host week of 'sexploration'

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Pete Chagnon - OneNewsNow - 2/9/2009 4:30:00 AM

The University of Cincinnati is coming under fire for hosting a weeklong event promoting pornography.

"UC Sexploration" week was sponsored by Pure Romance and the University of Cincinnati Wellness Center. The event featured lectures by so-called sex experts, free sex kit giveaways, and a "Pizza and Porn" night. David Miller is the Vice-president of public policy with Citizens for Community Values (CCV), an Ohio-based family advocacy group.
"The Wellness Center's program director, his name is Reagan Johnson, said this very thing," Miller shares. "[He said] 'We're using this to showcase that porn is not necessarily a bad thing.'"
Miller takes issue with that statement. "The message of pornography is that women exist for the sexual gratification of men," he explains. "And I think that is the wrong message that we need to be sending to our college students today."

 The CCV spokesman says concerned students and parents need to make their concerns known to the University of Cincinnati. He points to a recent study that shows 75 percent of UC students have had one or more sexual partners in the past year.
"If anything, the school ought to be discouraging that kind of activity instead of encouraging it with these kinds of seminars," Miller suggests.
The final event of the "Sexploration" week was called "sexcapades." Participants were invited to test their "sex smarts" in a series of physical and mental challenges and win "great prizes."

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