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As I Lay Dying - Christian?

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 Question of the day! - What in the world can this have to do with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ?  In my opinion - Nothing!  This band claims to be comprised of all Christian men.  Look at the covers of their music, look at the pictures, read the question answer section below, then listen to the audio link.  After doing all that, if you feel this has anything to do with Christianity and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please let me know how you feel.  email me here

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"Frail Words Collapse"

"A Long March: The First Recordings"

"Shadows are Security"

As I Lay Dying - the Band Members

Notice the crowd frenzy and the display of the devil signs!
Click the audio link below but be sure to first turn down your speakers.  This is some kind of demonic sounding stuff and might just scare the little ones in your house.

Link takes a few moments to load, be patient please.

As I Lay Dying Audio

 I am not going to give any more of my opinion, I believe you can make you own decisions by looking, reading and listening to what is on this page.

Information from the bands FAQ page

Are you guys Christians in a band or a Christian band?
What did you do to get labels to notice As I Lay Dying?
We got signed the old fashion way. After funding a few of our own recordings, we sent out our best and newest songs to about 25 record labels. A few of them were interested and we eventually found Metal Blade to be the best home for us.

What is your favorite song from your own cds?
I personally like the way "94 Hours" has such abrupt tempo and mood changes but I also like the lyrical honesty of "Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier."

How can you be a Christian band and go on tour with bands who represent themselves as evil, satan worshipers?
We hope to intelligently represent a faith that has been very misrepresented in the entertainment industry. There isn't much diversity of thought within metal music and I believe it is important for people to understand opposing views before drawing conclusions. I hope other bands and their fans have an open mind and respect for what we are saying, so it's fair for them to expect the same from us. If truth is the basis of our belief, then the questions other bands/fans have are an important way to understanding what/why we believe. Most of the bands we tour with would never hear a well represented explanation of Christianity if we just stayed home.

Who are your musical influences?
Everyone in the band listens to totally different stuff. Anywhere from Disney tunes to brutal grinding metal. I'd say the few bands we all agree on in the classic metal genre. For one, Iron Maiden introduced a unique style of guitar melody. Bands like Living Sacrifice are less "classic" but I can safely say that we've all been influenced by their brutally mechanic sense of rhythm.