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May 25, 2007

“Bible Fight” The Video Game

We didn't hear about this game from atheists or non-Christians. We heard about this game from Christian gamers and youth ministers who thought it was an "awesome video game" and the “most fun video game they’ve played in a long time".

There was no outrage over the game, no pangs of guilt for having fun while beating the snot out of Jesus, God or Moses. There was no shame expressed over enjoying a game that blasphemes our Lord. Instead, there was gleeful excitement about the game and an enthusiasm for blogging about it and sharing it with the friends in their online communities.

Below are screen shots from the online video game entitled “Bible Fight”. In the game you can pick different Bible ‘characters’ to fight each other in hand to hand combat. The Characters include Moses, Noah, Eve, Mary, Satan and Jesus (who fights wearing only a loin clothe and a crown of thorns).

Each character has 'special' moves and powers. For instance Noah can call forth a stampede of ark animals, Eve (who is wearing only fig leaves) can whap her adversaries with a snake, Moses can rain down a plague of frogs while Jesus can clobber his opponents with a cross. As an added bonus, if you win enough tournaments you can unlock an additional character, God Himself.

This is the type of mockery that we'd expect from the world and unbelievers. But what does it say about the state of the church when Christians, rather than being outraged are proud to express their approval of a game like this?

Opening Screen - The Brass Knuckles and Crucifix are a Nice Touch

Pick A Bible Character to Fight With and Let the Combat Begin!

Here is Jesus Fighting Eve - Learn the special "WWJD moves" to Kick Eve's 'Naked Rear End'

Here is Satan Defeating Jesus at Golgotha

How odd is it that some see this as nothing more than good clean Biblical fun?