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Michael Houke

12:19pm Dec 18

What the Christian Idenity Movement Teaches

1. Whites are the chosen race of the Bible (White people of good Aryan stock)
2. The Jews are a mongrel race, decedents of Satan
3. Black People are an inferior race
4. Eve was sexually seduced by the serpent and gave birth to Satan (The Serpent Seed Doctrine)
5. Cain mated with non-Adamic races- mud people, the result the “Jewish Race”
6. They believe in Anglo-Israelism/White people are the Israelites of the O.T.
7. They prohibit interracial marriages
8. They believe Armageddon is coming soon. A war between good and evil/whites and blacks
9. They believe Adam and Eve where the first white people
10. All non-whites are decedents of Pre-Adamic races
11. Satan is an Archangel
12. They teach a doctrine of racial hatred
13. Jews are behind all that is bad including the Zionist American Government
14. A black man defiles the white race when he has sexual intercourse with a white woman
15. America is the promised land not Israel
16. They believe that they are destined to create a white utopia


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