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DREAMHEALER has demanded that I remove ANY / ALL words that came from their website.  My hosting company has decided that there is too much hassle to continue to allow it to be posted so the information below about the Dream Healer website will only be my words and opinions.  I apologize for this but fought to keep it posted and at this point we have to take it off the Internet. 

We will be posting more OPINIONS and THOUGHTS about this following in the next few days so keep tuned.


I discovered this site on the Internet while searching other discernment sites.  I was amazed at how so many people believe this type of stuff has any Godliness to it.  A look at the DreamHealer banner (shown below) gives you a pretty good idea of what and how this person believes.

Notice the images he has chosen to use for his logo?  Fire, Evil eye, occult symbol.  It doesn't take a lot of imagination to understand where they are coming from.  This is another attempt by Satan to capture not only this young man, but all those who follow and believe in him and his healing powers and to gently lead them away from God and His True Word and way of life.  You see, Satan is smart in so many ways.  He knows that a person doesn't have to believe directly in him, but only has to not believe in Jesus and Satan wins their soul.  The rule God laid down is simple and Satan understands it.  Those who do not accept Jesus as their personal Savior and believe on Him will not enter Heaven. Simple as it can be.  Satan understands this simple premise and uses it to mislead so many with his sly ways.
Below I have displayed the book reviews from Adams books so you can see what I am talking about.  I also have included information about other items from his website such as aura's, orbs and other information.  The intent of this material on this Discernment site is for information purposes only.  We ask that you would pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance, support and protection before you read this information so that you do not become deceived by it's content.

The information previously posted does not pass the smell test.  It is full of new age, occult, eastern mysticism, etc.  Please pray for these people and especially for this young man as he is still a teenager and needs to see the error of his ways before it is too late.  He has a huge impact on so many people already and we need to ask the Holy Spirit to intervene in this boys life

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Bob Wise

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