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          WHAT’S WRONG WITH AMERICA? Virtually every family is living on borrowed credit. There’s no sound financial foundation in case of an emergency for most Americans. Our educational system teaches half-truths. Why doesn’t our text books reflect the genocide of the American Indian? Why doesn’t our text books speak of the horrible way the blacks were treated in this country? Why doesn’t the public schools teach about the Freemason’s goal of taking over the world. Did you know our first president (George Washington) was a mason?

          The dumbing down of our children has taken place within America’s school system and there’s nothing you can do about it. Whatever happened to the three R’s? Reading, writing and arithmetic has been replaced by the new math which doesn’t make any sense to anyone. Half the junk taught in our public schools is of no use to anyone. Secular Humanism has infiltrated our entire educational system.

          This ungodly philosophy teaches human beings, “if it feels good then do it.” The basic morals America was founded upon mean nothing anymore. I suppose if it feels good to rape an innocent human being then it’s ok as far as the general public is concerned. Friends! This is what America has become in our modern era.

          What about America’s corrupt legal system? There’s definitely something wrong when wealthy individuals can buy their way out of prison. In many instances, the guilty go free and the innocent are thrown into emotional and physical suffering. Do you think the law of the land really protects you? If you have that impression you’re sadly mistaken my friend.

          Turn on the nightly news and listen to what’s being broadcast. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see America is falling apart. Rape, robbery or murder is taking place everyday in this ungodly country. You and I aren’t safe in our homes anymore and things will only get worse. Every year more and more repressive laws further erode our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.

          From time to time sinister events are staged in this country to inflame the emotions of the general public. It’s not long before citizens cry out for more laws to be passed to suppress the unruly human beings. In effect, now citizens have just lost their right to gather in a public forum. Groups like Students For A Democratic Society and the Black Panthers were used to inflame the public a few decades ago. Unfortunately, laws were passed to further erode our basic freedoms because of these protest groups and others like them.

          Nearly every day we hear of corporate corruption in America. I think what’s more puzzling is the fact when a C.E.O. gets fired, he or she is given several million and other insanely perks for their poor business decisions. What do you think a common worker receives when he or she is fired from their job? They’re lucky to receive unemployment insurance to say the least. If I were an employee of Home Depot I would be outraged the X C.E.O. received two hundred million as a going away present for being fired.

          Speaking of fairness in the market place, I remember when the retail industry didn’t think twice about refunding money for a product. Now one has to have a receipt, the box the product came in and a picture I.D. It doesn’t stop there though. After 30 days the consumer has to contact the manufacture for resolution of their complaint.

          What about our politicians? There’s not a day goes by we don’t hear of one or more of them embezzling money, committing adultery or lying to the general public. You might not have known it but our elected officials have an unwritten code in Washington DC. Did you see the movie by Eddie Murphy called distinguished Gentleman? If you didn’t by all means rent it and you’ll see what I  mean. One either plays the game in Washington or unethical secrets are released to the media defaming the persons character.

          What about our religious leaders? Unfortunately, Secular Humanism has infiltrated many of America’s religious institutions. A feel good philosophy has taken over the basic teachings within America’s churches. The Son of God (“Jesus Christ”) is a byproduct in most church pulpits today. What about Bible Prophecy? It seems countless ministers are afraid of the subject or they know little or nothing about it.

          The dumbing down of religious institutions has begun. If you don’t know anything about Biblical Prophecy NOW is the time to discover it. When your dead it will be too late! Speaking of Bible Prophecy where are we in the jest of things? According to many bible scholars, the next event to take place is the Rapture. In essence, the catching away of practicing believer’s in Jesus Christ will be removed from the earth.

          After that the Anti-Messiah will be introduced to the world’s population. After three and a half years have passed everyone will be forced to accept the “Mark Of The Beast.” It will be a brand or etching on the right hand or forehead of one’s body. What are the consequences if one refuses this mark? The innocent victim will be imprisoned or beheaded as a result of the refusal to accept Satan’s unholy mark. Where does America fit in the scheme of things?

          What about the freaky weather happening today throughout the world? Check out the unusual weather patterns in the past few years and you’ll discover since records have been kept. Some of the most unusual weather in recorded history have taken place. Could these things be yet another sign humanity is living in the “END TIMES?” In my opinion, all these things are very unusual and by no means a freak of nature.

          Europe will be the number one ruling body in the world not long from now. America will no longer be number one economically and politically. She will play a secondary role as far as the anti-messiah is concerned. Will America continue to support Israel? Unfortunately, the United States won’t be in a position to help God’s chosen people. As a result of this, God will bring severe judgments upon the American people and its political leaders.

          How will America be broken financially? As in the pre planned stock market crash of 1929. The financial barons (Federal Reserve) of the world will crash America’s stock market in order to break our monitory system. What will this mean for individuals living in America at that time? Since many American’s are living on borrowed credit he or she will end up on the street.

          The lending institutions will foreclose on citizen’s property virtually getting it for free. If you don’t believe me study the history of the 1929 stock market crash. Purchase my book, The Great American Lie and you’ll discover the real truth as to how countless American’s were scammed out of their earthly possessions in 1929. A further indication of the erosion of America is the unholy hand signals given in today’s society.

          It seems nearly every day strange hand signals are flashed in front of us. We see them in rock concerts, on the internet, on television and in most public forums throughout the world today. Could this be a sign of rebellion or is there a more sinister plan in the works as far as you and I are concerned? Regardless of what the general population might think I have no doubt you and I are living in the “END TIMES.”

          If you know anything about ancient history then you know full well America is crumbling. In every society when the ethical morals dissolved away it wasn’t long before the nation collapsed. Study the history of ancient Rome and you’ll see what I mean. Several forms of perversion eventually destroyed one of the greatest empires on earth at that time. Don’t be fooled by our thriving economy. Remember what I said earlier. Virtually every American is living on borrowed credit right now.

           There are two versions concerning the sign of Satan. On the great wall of Babylon, across from Ishtar’s Gate, is a mosaic image of a horned bull representing the sun god. These horns were symbolic of the Babylonian god’s unlimited power over men. Extending the index finger and end finger while holding down the middle and ring finger with the thumb represents the devil. The University of Texas proudly displays the devil sign when he or she flashes their college logo.

          Shockingly, many members of the political and entertainment industry display this unholy signal from time to time. The other gesture is known as the love sign with regard to the deaf community. it's displayed by sticking out the thumb, index and little end finger while bending down the index and ring finger. Few people know Helen was an occult Theosophist. When she created this unholy sign was Helen basically declaring, “I Love You, Devil?”

          We see this devil sign prominently displayed at rock concerts and by the rich and famous throughout the world. Below there are several photographs of prominent people proudly displaying the devil sign.  What are your thoughts on this article?

Rick Thorne

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