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Once again, E. Bernard Jordan is selling prophecies or at least prophecies which will have results.  He claims that he is not going to allow me to be crippled with my baggage and lose my prosperity but the only way he and his trained prophets can control the outcome is for me to send him $88. What he actually says is: "This seed will allow the Company of Prophets and myself to go before the Lord and began to strip the baggage off your spiritual shoulders." What this statement is telling me is that for some reason, Jordan is held back from presenting a petition to the Lord for me without paying a price or at least receiving one first. If I am to understand it correctly, evidently the Lord has some sort of rule against giving a free prophecy. Once again, a false teacher/prophet has taken the seed principle and is using it for personal gain.  A true Prophet of God would not charge for their prophecies.  I am not aware of one instance where a Prophet in the Bible charged for their prophecies from God.


Dear Robert,  

One day after service I was heading towards the dining room for Sunday dinner and I almost tripped over someone's bag. The Spirit began to quicken in me and I had a vision concerning you. I saw the Spirit of the Lord throwing HUGE BAGS of fear, worry and poverty out a gigantic window. The Spirit began to say, "I am ridding you of all this baggage!"

Robert, I immediately began to rejoice for I knew God's word was true. God wants to rid you of all the baggage in your life that is weighing you down! Too much baggage can cripple you and keep you from your prosperity. As your personal prophet and prophetic friend, I will not allow this to happen.


Robert, the Spirit of the Lord told me to tell you to leave that heavy baggage at the baggage claim. You are carrying too much weight. He also gave me a powerful word of prophecy that will remove the present baggage that is in the way of your prosperity. I do not want you to trip over the baggage and miss God in your appointed season.

Robert, you are about to soar in this season and the baggage is only holding you back! I have your word of flight! Prepare to soar like an eagle when you rid yourself of this baggage. I want you to sow a special "flight" seed of $88. This seed will allow the Company of Prophets and myself to go before the Lord and began to strip the baggage off your spiritual shoulders.

I have personally trained my Company of Prophets to get the mind of the Lord for your situations. You will be amazed at how light your shoulders will begin to feel concerning situations no one but you and God know about. Along with me, we will begin to intercede prophetically on your behalf. I will send you an anointed prophetic word and it will serve as a "Word of Flight" in your life. Robert, the Lord me told me to tell you to take this verse of scripture and meditate on it daily:

Matthew 11:29-30
Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. KJV

Robert, each time you read this word of scripture and listen to your prophetic word that I will send you, God is going to release the baggage of worry and lack from you so that you can move into your prosperity. By meditating on His word daily and having faith, it will be like a mental seed sown each and everyday; and every time you proclaim this, God will begin to activate your harvest.

Click here to sow your "flight seed" or you can call (212) 220-8668 ext 5050 with your credit card. I am anxious to send you the prophetic word and help "rid you of your baggage". Leave it all at the baggage claim and come soar with the Most High! I am waiting to hear from you!

  In God's Love & Obedience,  
  Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan  

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