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June 10, 2007

The latest charismatic craze heralding the long-awaited "Latter Rain" has fallen in Idaho – and I really mean fallen. How can the ‘holy laughter’-shaking-drunkenness craze be outdone? How about with the gemstone-‘weight-loss’-‘hair growth’ revival? We’re talking major signs and wonders here! That’s right – gemstones are falling from the sky in Coeur d'Alene. We can call this the "Chicken-Little Latter Rain Revival." It’s raining cheap jewelry.

All kidding aside, latter rain ‘prophets’ have been gearing up for the latest phase for quite some time. One of the "ministries" proclaiming that the "revival" has begun is "The Gateway: An Apostolic Resource Center" in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. (Their church will be sponsoring  new age Drum Circles every Friday night this summer during July and August.)  Here’s a run-down from the pages of their own website of the words from ‘prophets’ they point to as a confirmation of what they are now seeing:

  • "Billye Brim associates the latter rain outpouring with both the Azusa Street revival (which began on April 14, 1906) and the Latter Rain revival (which began on February 12, 1948.)" [Source]
  • "A Word from God came in the early 1980's to Mike Bickle, Overseer of The International House of Prayer in Kansas City, saying, "I am going to change the understanding and expression of Christianity in one generation." [Source
  • Bob Jones and Paul Keith Davis' Shepherd's Rod prophecy of 1998 stated there was a spiritual rain coming. Bob saw the Lord working on a large orange pickup truck from the 1950's that was disabled and unable to function since the Latter Rain revival. Though men had attempted to repair this vehicle, they were unable to do so. The Lord indicated that only He was able to jump-start this truck and put it on the road again. The vehicle had broken down because of unbelief and fanaticism. The Lord wants to repair this vehicle and reinstitute the heavenly purposes that were begun in the 50's and "pick up" where they left off." [Source
  • "This coming rain from heaven will wash the minds of the saints. Now is the time to receive a good brain-washing…Get ready to see angels and the host of heaven on assignment… heavenly beings will begin to manifest in our meetings...Many true ministers will have angels that will be assigned to travel by their side." (Bobby Conner, February 2003

The Gateway ministry’s overseers are Mike and Kari Browning. According to their bio they started a regional training center in 1998  which has brought many different streams in the Body of Christ together. Over the years, they have helped facilitate many conferences and leadership summits. Their passion is to see the Church come into unity, maturity and fullness. Kari is a prophetic teacher and conference speaker. She has ministered nationally and internationally."

Kari appeared recently on a TV program called, "Extreme Prophetic TV," hosted by Patricia King, a "prophetess" who is frequently featured in Charisma Magazine. The series of programs was called "Gemstones from Heaven" in which Kari was interviewed by Ms. King and they showed a clip of a member of Gateway Christian Fellowship who testified of seeing a female angel dropping gemstones on his front lawn. 

Ms. King introduced the clip saying that she knows Kari Browning and trusts her and that Browning attested to the trustworthiness of the couple in her church who testified of the miraculous events. They showed the clip of the couple, Terry and Gerri, who showed the camera crew around their house describing how they first found gemstones in their lawn. They didn’t know where they were coming from until the seventh stone was dropped. Terry saw a female blond-haired angel drop it and then she smiled at him, he said, "with a smile that said, ‘I got you.’"

While the cameras were running, Terry began to get excited and said that another just fell. He ran excitedly over to where he picked one up from the grass. It looked like a large cheap purple rhinestone. It was a cut stone, not as a stone would be found in nature. Kari pointed out the gold dust she saw manifest in Terry’s hair after he picked up the stone. He laughed about it and said, "you know how much (glory dust) I’ve washed down the drain?" It looked like cheap glitter. He said that the glory dust gets in his food when God is being spoken of.

Back in studio Kari told of an outbreak of gemstones falling from heaven in other ministries, along with holy ghost feathers flying around, women shedding pounds instantly and "miraculously," miraculous hair growth, and money mysteriously showing up in people’s wallets and even in their bank accounts. Manna has manifested in their meetings and she added "we were believing for that particular manifestation.’

Other Appearances of the Angelette

In a subsequent program in the series, Ms. King introduces her audience to a friend of Kari’s Jeff Jansen who was inspired by Terry and Gerri’s testimony and received a visitation from the same female angel, but this was in a dream. He received the name of the angelette: Emma. Supposedly this angel keeps showing up at various "prophetic" conferences. Kari said that Bob Jones (former Kansas City prophet who was scandalized for using his 'prophetic office' to get women to disrobe) spoke of a female angel named Emma years ago and a pastor by the name of Randy Demain in Redmond Oregon prophesied that Emma would show up in their meetings.

Ms. King said that people have objected that a female angel is showing up since all angels in the Bible are seen as male. They credited Demain with the answer who pointed to Zachariah 5:9 that speaks of two women with wind in their wings. King wasn’t concerned that people point out those were evil spirits since she surmised that they used to be good ones before the fall. She noted that wisdom in the book of Proverbs is personified as female so it must mean there are female angels. They also testified that "prophet" Todd Bently has seen Emma as well and she brings financial breakthroughs and the gold.

In Kari Browning’s article on her webpage called "The Appointed Time Has Come," she recalls "an unusual outpouring in Coeur d’Alene Idaho last May on Mother’s Day weekend in which they "witnessed many healings, some received gold crowns or fillings in their teeth, several experienced instant weight loss, one man had hair grow on his head, a few were covered in gold dust, and some saw angels with their open eyes! It was amazing and glorious." One of the conference speakers was David Herzog, founder of The Glory Zone, who spoke of this outpouring on the May 7, 2007 broadcast of "It’s Supernatural," a program hosted by Sid Roth.

Herzog testified of these golden showers and gave the credit to Ruth Heflin. Herzog said, "she was a woman of God, a prophetess, moved in the glory so strong and watching her life and being around her that’s where we picked up this really different revelation of the glory where you don’t always have to touch people, but the glory just comes down."

What he didn’t point out is that the late Ruth Heflin is the "prophetess" who brought Sylvania to the church, the lady who would get gold dust all over herself at meetings. (See this link for background info.) That was later proven to be a fraud when another ministry had the gold dust examined and it was shown to be nothing but poster glitter. Just before she died Heflin prophesied that Jesus would show up physically soon at Benny Hinn’s meetings. Hinn touted that on TBN, but Jesus didn’t show up, but Heflin was remanded to her reward.

Here’s a partial transcript of the interview: [Click here to see the entire interview online.] 

Sid Roth -- Is it true that jewels, gem stones, precious diamonds materialize at your meetings?

David Herzog – We’re seeing some – everything in heaven can come to the earth…when the glory is present.

Sid – Show me one. You brought one for us.

[David takes one out of his pocket – a cheap looking big rhinestone.]

David -- My daughter actually prayed and found this one. She was asking God one night for a gift from heaven and this appeared. It’s a purple gemstone and her favorite color’s purple. My little daughter –

Sid: It’s not just a gem, it’s cut. It looks perfect.

David – Yeah, it is.

Sid: It came that way?

David: It came just like this.

Sid: How did it happen? Where was it?

David: Well, here in Phoenix in a meeting. And my daughter that night was asking God for a miracle. She had seen some signs and wonders. She’s only seven. And she said, ‘God, I know you can give me a miracle or something from heaven.’ And she kept asking and looking and asked people to pray. She was very sad at the end of the meeting, and even began crying. She said I know God was saying he’s going to give me something special tonight. And at the end of the meeting, right as we were beginning to walk out she looked down and there was this purple gemstone right on the floor…

Sid: What about diamonds?

David: Yeah, we’ve seen diamonds too…

How sad that this man would direct his 7-year-old daughter to seek after cheap parlor tricks from God. These so-called signs and wonders are custom-made for those who believe in the false prosperity gospel. They feed into the quest for worldly things like money and jewels and they affirm the vanity of women wanting better figures and the ego of men ashamed of their bald heads.

And Emma – a female angel who seems to delight in seeing people scurrying around the lawn digging up cheap rhinestones. [Those with the stones say they can't have them analyzed by metallurgies because they would have to break the stones to analyze them.]  If she really is a spiritual entity and not a figment of wild imaginations, then she’s a demonic hallucination who delights in leading people away from the Word of God and into chasing after imitation gold and glitter.

The only stone the Bible talks about that will be dropped to earth is seen in the book of Revelation:

"The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water-- the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter." (Revelation 8: 10-11).

Wormwood is kept for the evil generation that follows after signs and wonders and thereby are duped by the antichrist who gives them plenty of them. Perhaps Emma is just a preview of things to come.


Dear Heavenly Father, please give Your people discernment so that they are not deceived by any angel or angelette playing tricks on those who are in positions of leadership in the visible church. Give those in the family of God a love for Your Word and put it in their hearts to guard them against the lying signs and wonders that are manifesting among us. Help us to recognize when any so-called ‘prophet’ or ‘teacher’ has the wrong focus and give Your children the strength to walk – even flee – from those places where Your Word is not front-and-center. In these evil days, help us to gather together with true believers that are set apart from those who love this present world. Keep our feet from slipping into these traps that are designed to drag us off of the narrow road that leads to eternal life. Give us the boldness to rescue the weaker lambs in the flock when they are being fed to the wolves by their own leaders who are only hirelings. We commit all this in Your loving care, in Jesus’ precious name. Amen!

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