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Michael Houke

4:55pm Dec 11

Holy Laughter: Is It Biblical?

By Michael Houke

As I opened the front door to the church I heard loud uncontrollable laughter coming from the sanctuary, as I crept nearer the door to the sanctuary, I heard what I thought was animal sounds like growling and howling and roaring, leaving me with the impression that these people brought animals or their pets to church service. But when I opened that door and peered inside my eyes fell upon that which I had never before seen nor heard of for that matter. I must say I was not fully prepared for what I was about to witness, and in a church of God no less. This is what mine eyes laid upon and mine ears heard of that night.

There were people all over the place laughing uncontrollably, there were people on the floor rolling over, kicking their legs and laughing hysterically. I saw no animals or pets at all. I saw people walking around and portraying to be chickens (I later learned they were doing the holy chicken walk, a gift they got from our heavenly father no less). I saw people standing up and running in place, I saw people running up and down the pews yelling and howling like dogs and wolves. I must say it was quite impressive, what a wonderful display of worship and all in the name of Jesus too. Why, it was utter pandemonium, all sense of order was gone and the congregation (including the pastor) were indulging in what I was told later was Holy Laughter (another gift they got from our heavenly father). Well that is what I saw and heard that night.

I have but one question here is this in any way biblical? Where in scripture do we read about Jesus, Peter, and Paulís ministries indulging in this phenomenon known as Holy Laughter? I have the answer to this, this is one question I can answer without anyoneís help. No where my friend, absolutely no where, in fact nothing in scripture even comes close to this.

During Jesusí ministry this Holy Laughter never occurred, it never occurred during Peter or Paulís ministry either, you cannot find any mention or description of it in the Gospels, The Acts, Paulís or the general epistles. It is not in the book of Revelation either. Donít even bother looking it up in the Old Testament, you will not find father Abraham and the other great men of the book engaging in anything like this. No sir this Holy Laughter is found no were in scripture. In fact in (1Corinthians 14:33) Paul speaks of a need for Church order. ďEverything should be done in a fitting and orderly wayĒ (1 Corinthians 14:40) (NIV).

The Holy Spirit himself is all about self control (Galatians 5:23). How can one laugh hysterically when there is nothing to laugh about? Only Satan could bring this kind of phenomenon to the church for Jesus would never allow this behavior in His ministry, and neither would have Peter or Paul. The Holy Spirit would not have a believer break out in uncontrollable laughter. This is not from God but another deception of our adversary, the fallen angel, Lucifer!

When you witness this Holy Laughter such as I did, RUN BABY RUN, and donít look back. Run away from it as fast as you can. There is nothing biblical or Godly about it at all. These manifestations are of the devil, for if not from God, then who, I ask? There are only two choices here, you would have to be entirely deceived, duped, and spiritually inept not to know the difference. Sadly this is happening all over the globe in numerous churches, mostly in charismatic churches and oneness Pentecostal churches. But this phenomenon is not limited to any one particular kind of church. No sir, Satan is not choosy, he will give it to any church that is looking for something that is a feel good kind of experience, something entertaining. Something it can touch and feel and exclaim about it to others how great it was(just as long as you leave your bibles at home or in the pews), where pastors and the church can make large amounts of financial gain from the masses all in the name of Jesus. Is this where you would spend your hard earned money? Well, if it is entertainment that you are looking for they will provide it, I can advise you to leave your pets at home, you will not need them, this church will provide the howling and growling, and roaring and any other kind of noise you want including HOLY LAUGHTER!! And you can leave your bibles at home too what they teach at this church isnít in Godís Book.


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