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by Cullen Bentley

In today's world of confusion, violence and despair there has for many years been a area of preaching that has be twisted and come to hurt and hinder instead of help and secure.

The basic message of Gods provision and prosperity are true and scriptural. But the far right of this message is that we can speak what we want and expect God to produce if we just have faith, regardless of whether it be his will or not.

A tested and true word from the Lord is not the same as calling out our own world and results to benefit us at the expense of others and to have all we want and yet not cost us much commitment except to be saved and say the right things.

What we need today is a message of holiness and righteousness before a God of justice. We need a message of denying ones self at the expense of ourselves. We need a message that speaks of spiritual welfare first instead of meeting ones needs as the desired end result. We need a message that calls for a wholesome repentance of each ones lives and one that would please the lord first and us last.

I think many desire true revival and the results thereof but unless each individual will start taking the time necessary to build a valid and strong relationship with the Lord first and then let the results of that be a by product of the foundation of knowing him then we will always seek in vain and amiss.

A side note is that if we can just stop and see with eyes opened that if a person goes to the gym and lifts for three days and one off and then back again for an hour each day. Then as various body parts are exercised,  then after a period of one year a very strong and powerful result will be easily seen and felt. It’s a time of dedication and work even in the days of feeling bad and tired. If one will do the same with the Lord and spend time with him each day and read pray and be still and listen then a well balanced communication line is established and then you will not have to even think what to do but know what to do and have the inner strength to do it. If one goes to the gym and walks around and talks to all and has a social time of chit chat then all they get is a membership and no strength or goals or true commitment to maturing in strength and health. So it is with the Lord. If one goes to church and only listens and then visits afterwards and then him and still has yet to spend any time reading or praying on their own then they too reap the results. They are NOTHING. A warm body with no spiritual insight, no fruit, no discernment and for sure they know not God as he is but only that he is.

No church should seek numbers but instead seek to have the numbers they already have to be walking in holiness and righteousness before God and then let him bring the increase. Any effort we try is man made regardless of how good and wonderful it may seem. Jesus said plainly to preach the gospel and He would draw men to him, not us.

Jesus said no one comes to him unless the father draws him. This should tell us that we first need to have our relationship right and only then can we be filled with the holy spirit as God desires.

Last of all I think the days we live in are very trying and testing to each person alive. The message should be where will each one spend eternity and what does one have to do to assure oneself of that final destination. This should be the desire of all who claim to be saved, not whether or not we can call on our God to produce all the material needs we desire and our instant asking and immediate delivery. There should be no place in Christianity for a “God like” Jeannie at the snap of our fingers or minds thoughts, but a God who can and is the true producer of the miracle of eternal life.  

Cullen Bentley
Cell 832 213 9901
Alvin, Texas 77512