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  Bishop Jordan is at it again.  Now Prophet Jordan claims to have a "Sacred Desk".  I am continually amazed at what these type of people can convince others of.  Thousands of people will send in their $50 thinking they can buy a miracle or a blessing.  I can guarantee you of one thing that Prophet Jordan will Not Tell You!  GOD CANNOT BE BOUGHT!  Please pray for the followers of Prophet Jordan that they will see him for the false prophet he actually is.  And notice at the end of the email below, the signature ending.   "Respectfully, I Am,"   Now I would think this is not a bad thing IF it said something like this: Respectfully, I Am, In His Service" or something similar.  But Prophet Jordan only says, Respectfully, I am, Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan.  Doesn't this sound like he is the important one, not Jesus?  His ego is beyond belief!  I pray Mr. Jordan sees the light before it is too late.

This is the latest email from "Prophet Jordan".


And thou shalt sanctify them, that they may be most holy: whatsoever toucheth them shall be holy. (Exodus 30:29)

Every Tuesday and Friday, I call many names from my Sacred Desk. I touch a sheet of paper that is presented to me from the Company of Prophets and I began to minister the word of the Lord into their lives. It is as if I am touching the hem of the garments for every situation that is occurring in the lives of these people. It is as if they are touching my desk back because as I grab that piece of paper, I begin to feel each vibration.

Our contact is no accident; it is not a moment of chance but a moment of destiny that takes place in the Spirit. I am commanded to minister everyday into the lives of individuals prophetically. I see so much concerning you and I have to let you know anyway that I can.  

The Lord has shown me some very specific things about you that I would not want to put in this text. I would rather speak to you with the Company of Prophets concerning this matter because of the significant effect that it will have on your life. 

I feel a sense of urgency in the air. God wants to speak to you concerning some issues in your life, and He wants to speak to you right now! I need you to join me during the live streaming telecast ( on Friday at 7:00 pm (EST), because God has something to say to you.

With your faith seed offering of $50 into the church ministry, we want to prophesy to you live during the live streaming telecast and reveal to you the heart of God concerning your situation. Not only that, I want to send you a further prophetic word on CD, in my own voice and the voice of the Company of Prophets that will release further breakthroughs in your life.

IMPORTANT: Your life is very important to me! So important that I must let you know that something significant is about to take place for you concerning a specific project you’ve been working on! Follow the instructions in this text and watch how God will reveal Himself to you! Don’t hesitate concerning this matter as it is of extreme importance to the Lord!

If you know this is God speaking to you, I need you to do something very special today. With your faith seed offering of $300 into the church ministry, I want to unseat a prophet who will give you a personal telephone call during the live streaming telecast and speak to you the essence of what God is saying to you in this hour to put you on the path to right-thinking. You need a one-on-one phone call with one of the prophets where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive clarity regarding this season of your life.

Not only that, as a special bonus for sowing the $300 seed, I want to also give you a free download of my book, School of the Prophets, Vol. 1. This book is not available to the general public, but I want to give it to you as a special gift to boost your prophetic awareness and cause you to walk in oneness with God.

Not only that, I will send you a personal, tailor-made prophetic word on CD, in my own voice and the voice of the Company of Prophets that will bring further clarity to your current situation and what God is doing in this season of your life.

I am so excited about prophesying to you. I, along with the Company of Prophets, have been lying before God seeking to hear a fresh word just for you. I urge you to join us this Sunday during our live streaming telecast to hear what God has to say to you. God has shown favor upon each of us and He has given us the Internet as a medium to hear His voice right now!

Why wait when you can hear God speaking to you immediately through cyberspace, touching your heart and answering your questions? Why feel around in the dark, when God can bring you into His marvelous light immediately, without delay?

Do you have the gift of prophecy?  By the Spirit, I know that God has placed this gift in many of you. You just need a mentor, a guide, a place where you can recognize the gifting within you and allow that gift to be harnessed and trained. Join the conference call with the Company of Prophets on Sunday and discover the gift that is lying dormant within you and learn how you can receive training in the prophetic from the Master Prophet himself. 

Date: Friday, October 26, 2007
Time: 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
     8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time
     7:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time
     6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

Call 1-555-555-5555
and enter Pin Code: 359013# (pound sign)

Note: If you dial in before the start time, you may hear music for a few minutes while others are joining the call.

The Holy Spirit is saying that we need to keep this prophetic connection over the Internet. I need to challenge your faith. God has something He wants to say to you, and you must exercise your faith to receive all that He has to say. This is a clarion call from the mouth of God to His people. God wants to speak a word to you. Please take heed to His voice.

CLICK HERE, to sow your faith seed offering of $50 into the church ministry and support the LIVE Streaming Service, and if you have not already received a copy of The Laws of Thinking, we will send you one!

CLICK HERE, to sow your Unseat the Prophet faith seed offering of $300, and receive your one-on-one session with a prophet on Sunday afternoon!

Or call ***-***-**** now or during the live streaming telecast to sow your seed, and watch God move in your life.

Zoe Ministries
Bishop E. Bernard Jordan
P.O. Box
New York, N.Y.


 Respectfully, I Am,


Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan

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