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Joel Osteen Ticket Prices

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Here are some screen captures from the Internet of various ticket prices being offered for some Joel Osteen tour dates.  These prices are unbelievable.  I would think that there should be some way for Joel to make sure these tickets are not bought up by these ticket companies therefore eliminating the possibility of them gouging the people who wish a seat.  The easiest way (and I have emailed Joel asking him to do this) is to not charge a seat fee and take a free will offering.  Something is afoot here as I cannot believe any man who calls himself a TRUE preacher of the Lord's Gospel would allow this type of travesty to take place.  Check out these prices then email Joel Osteen's church asking them to change their policy concerning these ticket prices.



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Well I guess the old saying is true after all.  A picture tells a thousand words!  These ticket prices are just unbelievable.  Unbelievable not only for the high price associated with them, but unbelievable that anyone would actually pay this kind of money.  If this is not fleecing the believer and unbeliever alike, I don't know what would be.  One has to ask why Joel lets this continue when  he could so easily fix this problem.  I know kickbacks are illegal, but it sure makes a person sit back and think doesn't it.  I am not accusing anyone, including Joel Osteen of taking kickbacks or anything of the kind, I am just mentioning that it doesn't pass the smell test. To reach the Joel Osteen Ministry to ask them to change this behavior, please click here.

As a side note: Joel talks about not asking for money on TV, but he certainly promotes himself well on TV along with his website which he knows people will go visit and once you reach his website, you see right on the opening page he is asking for money to support his work, I see nothing wrong with asking for support for ones ministry, but if you are going to portray an image of "We just don't ask for money. We never have, we never will." then it begins to look a little deceiving.  Joel would have been better off explaining that they do not ask for money while on TV but they do ask for money at the church and on their respective websites which would have made him look a little more upfront on the subject. Below is a screen shot of Joel Osteen's website and below that is a portion from the Larry King interview concerning money. The red circle in the screenshot was added by me.

Notice in the paragraph above it mentions that Joel Osteen Ministries is reaching the unreached and telling the untold.  What exactly is the untold?  It is easy to watch Joel and see that he certainly is not preaching the Gospel message, therefore the untold is subject to scrutiny and doubt at best.

KING: Are you asking for money?
OSTEEN: We never have. Never have. Since my dad started. I started a television ministry for my father back in '83. That was one decision we made. We just don't ask for money. We never have, we never will. You know, it's -- I don't criticize people that do. Some of them have to. But I just, I don't want anything to pull away from the message.
KING: How do you get the money to get the time on television?
OSTEEN: The church supports it.
KING: How does the church get the money?
OSTEEN: Well, they just give. There are just a lot of them, they're faithful, they're loyal people, they believe in giving. And the other thing too, what's interesting, Larry, we don't ask for money on television. But people see your heart. People send in money like you wouldn't imagine to underwrite it. KING: Really? Without your ever saying order this medal?
OSTEEN: Exactly. It's a testament to, you know, I think if people can see your heart is right. I'm certainly not the only one. But I don't get on there and beg for money. People send it in. You'd be amazed.
KING: Do you think there's too much of that, send in this, my new book is out?
OSTEEN: I think in general there probably is. Because people are so skeptical anyway. Why are you on there? You just want my money. We just try to stay away from it. I don't know if there is or not. To me sometimes I think, you know. I would -- I think people get on and they have to make the television audience underwrite it. And then they spend their time doing that.

So, enough said.  Joel Osteen is making major headways in the church community but the headway isn't the right way.  Pray for Mr. Osteen and his ministry and for the folks that attend his church and follow him.

In His Service,
Bob Wise