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Con of the Month - Rod Parsley by Robert Wise

I received this email today from Rod Parsley.  How in the world can this man sleep at night.  He admits that "You pray and pray and pray and pray and it seems your prayers aren’t getting answered. You sow seed after seed after seed but your harvest seems delayed." Yet he still has the gall to ask everyone to sow another seed of $120 AND if you need a significant miracle he ask you to sow a seed of $1,020.  In others words .... God's miracles are based on levels of price.  I wonder if Rod has a $1 miracle package, a $5 package, a $10 package...well you get the point.  It is a shame to use God's precious word in the way these shysters do.  I am sure there is a special "Bonus" awaiting people like Rod Parsley, Benny Hinn, Mike Murdock and others like them.  I am also sure they will NOT be pleased with their "Bonus" when the Lord delivers it to them.

There are so many people who DO NOT pay attention to the emails they receive from Rod Parsley and those like him.  Here in this current email Rod admits how long people have waited and waited yet on his website he proposes that anyone's life can be turned around in as little as 40 days.  Which one is true.  Is the 40 days promise right or is this email right?  I do pray people will pay attention to what is being thrown their way.  Keep a record of the many emails you receive from these people and compare them and you will begin to see a pattern.  Promises, promises, promises but no results.  WHY, do you ask are these promises not coming true?  Because these promises are coming from Rod Parsley NOT GOD.  You do not need a preacher to tell you the promises of God......God laid it all out in His Word, the Bible!  Stop following man and start following God!  Rod Parsley and those like him are only using you to get rich.  While you sit in your regular size house fighting month after month to make ends meet, Rod and those like him are living in Multi-Million Dollar houses and living like kings. 

Consider the following information:

Parsley, his wife, Joni, and their two young children live in a five-bedroom house they have built next to his parents’ house on a 21-acre compound in northwest Fairfield County. The compound has an electronic gate at the road to discourage uninvited visitors, and stables and a corral have been built in one corner. Rod Parsley’s home is worth $857,090, say records at the Fairfield County recorder’s office. His parents’ home, also new, is valued at $831,480. Each was built with a $200,000 mortgage taken out in 1990. ... Parsley also owns a $500,000 jet, a seven-passenger Hawker Siddeley 125.” (Columbus Monthly magazine).

You might want to ask yourself this question.  How many of Rod Parsley's congregation live this type of lifestyle?  And for those who many acquired this lifestyle AFTER following Rod's teachings?  If you are not one of these people you should be asking yourself why.  God is GOOD and God will provide but keep in mind that your "reward" awaits you in Heaven not here on earth. 

Today's email from Rod Parsley:



Dear Robert,

Do you know how many times I have said “Welcome to your Breakthrough” at the beginning of our television broadcast? 8,575 times. Think about that! Over these past 20 years, I have been coming to you through the TV camera announcing the power of the cross of Christ; the blood of Jesus Christ, salvation by the Lamb, the second coming of Jesus Christ, and His healing and delivering power with tens of thousands being supernaturally changed forever by the power of our risen Lord and Savior. 

In this 20th anniversary season, I believe God is saying you’ve waited long enough... prayed long enough... hoped long enough... trusted long enough... and believed long enough.

It is time for this ministry and YOU to shift to a brand new dimension.

God’s about to take you from where you are to where you never, ever dreamed you could be! He’s about to catapult you into a brand new SUPERNATURAL SEASON!

I know. You pray and pray and pray and pray and it seems your prayers aren’t getting answered. You sow seed after seed after seed but your harvest seems delayed.
GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU! Just like Joseph; Just like Moses; Just like the women with the issue of blood... God is just preparing you for your next season of miracles!

The important thing as you wait for your miracle is not to get weary. Galatians 6:9 holds the key to your breakthrough -“Let us not grow weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.”

Joseph endured a season for 13 years, and in 24 hours, he got a turnaround miracle! Moses spent decades in the desert, but in 24 hours, he delivered the Israelites by the hand of God! The woman with the issue of blood suffered tremendously and no doctor could help her, but in one moment, she was healed!

Don’t grow weary! Don’t give up! Your supernatural turnaround is coming!

Today God has sent me with an assignment to put a demand on your faith!

Let me challenge you to sow a very special 20th anniversary turnaround seed of $120.

Sow it in faith, believing God to accelerate your promotion to a brand new season. When you do sow a seed of $120 or more, you’ll receive my brand new CD series, “Ten Timeless truths of a Supernatural Turnaround.”

If you have a need of a significant miracle, maybe you can sow a significant seed faith gift of $1,020 - evidence of your significant faith in God to move and deliver you into your significant, supernatural turnaround!

If you can’t sow $120 or $1020, get as close as you can for the kingdom of God! Your seed will help me to continue preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world through our Breakthrough television broadcast.

Remember: The decision you make in this faith-filled moment can change everything in your life forever.

Thank you so much for whatever you can sow in the 20th anniversary of Breakthrough. Remember, God is about ready to change your season. Sow today and see the turnaround you have always believed for!

Pastor Rod Parsley

phone: 800-637-2288

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