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"Midwife of Dreams"

"Celebrate You"  and "Sweating in the Spirit"!  Disgusting isn't it?


"Remember that we are mind, body and spirit," White said. "We spend a lot of time … stretching the mind intellectually, certainly working the body. But also take some time for your spirit. Connect in the way that you need to connect and make time for yourself and then you will find God." Paula White on Good Morning America. This certainly fits with her "Celebrate You" campaign doesn't it.

Pardon me but I am just sick and tired of so many making such a mockery of our Lord God, Jesus our Savior, the Holy Spirit and the Gospel.  They do everything in their power to make it show-time!  Sorry for them, but show-time will come when they are standing in front of the judgment seat and being judged by the one they make such a mockery of!  Just look at the two pictures above.  Where is the "holiness"?  Where is the respect?  There is none unless you are talking about the respect for themselves!  It makes me sick!

On the Paula White website there is a section under "Missions" which starts with: Because Paula White is the “midwife of dreams” she is......  I was struck with the term "Midwife" and decided to see what it meant in context to the Gospel.  I searched for Midwife of dreams and came across some interesting information which I will share below.  The term midwife of dreams seems to be running hand in hand with other new age activities such as "Spiritual Seekers", "Coaching", "Envisioning", "Change Makers", etc.  It seems that Paula White is getting more and more into "New Age" techniques and teachings as her ministry grows.  I have always had reservations about Paula White and her Ministry as you probably already know, but I am continued to be amazed at how so many "ministers of the gospel" have turned the message of our Risen Lord and Savior into a channel for them to make money and live like kings and queens here on earth. 

The information below has been gathered from various website pertaining to the above mentioned subjects.  I do not take credit for writing this article.  It is only a compilation of information for your learning use.

I pray this information will be helpful to in your search for the truth.

The information below was taken from the Christine Thomas website.

You were born to bloom. You were born with gifts to give, with WORK to do, with big dreams to be lived. No one else has the same combination of talent, desire, wisdom, perspective, possibility or passion as you do. No one else can fill your role in the grand design. No one else can be the gift that you are to your family, your friends, and your community. There is a place in the world reserved for you, there is WORK only you can do, and there is a wild joy that only you can know. If you are ready to fully blossom into your role, know that the world yearns to receive you.

I want to witness you in your becoming, to share with you your mysterious journey, to challenge you to be nothing less than your fully expressed self. I work with people like you—visionaries, dreamers, creatives, seekers—to connect with your innermost dream, embrace it and nurture it. By honoring and validating your vision, I assist you in bringing it to life in a practical and achievable way. As your personal life coach, I will help you:

  • Clarify your unique gifts and how you want to give them
  • Courageously embrace your vision
  • See through the illusions that keep you from powerfully living your purpose
  • Translate your big ideas into something practical that can actually happen
  • Hold and defend your dream, against all opposition – both internal and external

Something powerful is trying to be born into this needy world through you. If you’re ready stop holding back and begin to explore your unlimited possibilities, if the time has come for you to blossom, contact me.

I want to be your personal life coach. Thanks, but no thanks! God/Jesus/Holy Spirit are my personal life coaches.


A new offering for women...

Are you weary from a solitary journey of self-discovery, longing for a supportive clan to help you go deeper?

Are you a wild woman, passionately connected with the Earth, who needs a place to get your soul recharged?

Are you yearning to be on a magical quest of meaning and heart?

Does that full moon keep you up at night, whispering secrets you'd like to hear a little more clearly? If the moon is whispering anything to me, I got real problems.

Have you been waiting…wanting…seeking…hoping?

There is place where you can get the mystery and magic you long for, a clan you can connect with regardless of your location, a supportive, nurturing environment to take you both deeper and broader on your spiritual quest. Join us on this journey...

Walking the Path of a Daughter of the Earth empowers women by reminding you of your hereditary wisdom, of your innate connection with Earth and Spirit, and of your much-needed role in creating a loving, sustainable future for all our children.

Engaging in this ongoing women's mystery school offers you the opportunity to:

  • Discover a lighthearted, sensuous connection with Nature
  • Sink your roots deep into what is holy
  • Know and access your personal power
  • Be seen and honored for who you are
  • Re-enchant your daily life

Many of us are seekers on a spiritual path. We yearn for an ever deepening connection with spirit. At some level we recognize that we are spiritual beings living a physical reality. We look for meaning, for purpose, for stability, for answers, for magic, for an experience of the mystery, for a divine love that will wrap us in its strength. Spiritual coaching assists you in your journey.

Some of us have been on this path for a long time, studying with teachers from traditions from around the world. We have taken classes, sat in meditation, listened to gurus, gone on retreats, journaled and prayed. We are ready to more fully commit ourselves to doing the work of Spirit if we could just figure out how. Or we know how but it is really difficult and we want someone to be our witness and our sounding board. Spiritual coaching can help you with your commitment.

Some of us are new to the path. We look for answers that will heal the body or we explore philosophies of the mind. We want to reclaim the ancient wisdom that has been hidden from us. We know we are here for a purpose that is greater than the ones offered to us by our culture, and we want to find it. We are beginning to see that there are so many beliefs and paths open to us but we're not sure how to find the one that is best for us right now.

As a spiritual coach I accompany seekers on their journeys. I help people get clear about what they believe, and then learn how to live from those beliefs. For those who are clearly on their path I offer encouragement, truth telling, and soulful listening - spiritual coaching. Gloria Karpinsky calls spiritual seekers "disciples". She refers to a disciple as "one who recognizes, commits to, and is obedient to the promptings of his or her inner spiritual imperative and chooses to bring that consciousness into every aspect of life." Spiritual coaching aids you in recognizing and following and committing to your own inner spiritual imperative in a way that works for you.

I believe that we each have a piece of the divine puzzle - that our unique perspectives allow us to perceive the Great Mystery as only we can. Even the words we use as names for that which is more than any name could be - God, Goddess, Great Mystery, the Divine, Universe, All There Is, Holy Spirit, Yaweh, Sophia - reflect the multiplicity of perceptions. We can and do learn from wisdom traditions from around the world and through the ages. We also are inspired by our own contact with the numinous.

For women who are looking for a supportive group of wise circle sisters to learn and grow with, I offer the 13 month path of a Daughter of the Earth. We meet once a month together on the phone and then individually for coaching in an earth based, woman empowering, Goddess remembering spiritual structure.

If you yearn to expand your capacity to embrace Spirit and you would like someone to assist you in this process, then consider spiritual coaching with me.

What is Coaching?

More than a buzz word, life coaching is a powerful alliance designed by you and for you to help you live powerfully, successfully, joyfully, and authentically.

Life coaching assumes the individual is healthy, resourceful and has their own answers. The life coach asks the questions that send the clients looking for the best path for themselves. A coach helps individuals find the life and work they want, give their unique gifts, move towards balance and fulfillment.

Life coaching is not advice-giving, therapy, whip wielding or cheerleading. The purpose of coaching is not to get you to run even faster on the hamster wheel, but to aid you in getting out of the wheel and onto the path of your life's purpose.


Work with women and men who are on a quest:

  • To find fulfillment and life purpose    Need purpose in your life, Ask Jesus, He will tell you all about it.
  • To know how to give their unique gifts
  • To learn how to live from the heart and soul as well as the head
  • To reconnect with the sacred in their daily lives Does sacred mean Christ or whatever?
  • To find balance and their own true north in an often chaotic world
  • To understand how to make choices based on joy rather than obligation alone
  • To figure out practical ways to make their work and their lives satisfying and successful

Tell me, what it is you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

- From The Summer Day by poet Mary Oliver

Who Hires a Coach?

Leaders, visionaries, CEOs, corporations committed to employee satisfaction and excellence, artists/creatives, managers, professionals, consultants, women and men in transition, people seeking career or life changes, the full spectrum of individuals looking for change to bring out the best in them and their lives. Some people come to coaching for more - more satisfaction, more money, more clarity, more heart and soul, or more organization, for example, and some come to coaching for less - less stress, less overwhelm, less procrastination, less drifting.

From all walks of life people come to life coaching to realize their full potential, to make their dreams come true. Often people come to coaching who are in the midst of a transition or a crisis. Each of us find ourselves at some point in our lives forced by circumstance to re-examine our choices, our actions, our possibilities. Coaching offers clarity, honesty, compassion, non-judgment and far vision. Sometimes people hire a life coach to aid them in a particular process. I often work with those who yearn for more spirituality in their lives. This doesn't mean I teach or lead people to a particular set of spiritual beliefs or practices. Rather I help seekers get more sure about their own spiritual path.

Empowering women

One of my specialties is working with women who are re-membering their truth, their voices, and their lives; women who struggle with the enormous demands of life, childrearing and work; women in the metamorphosis of menopause who yearn for meaning and soul in a culture that denies both; women who manage to provide care for all those around them at the expense of themselves; women who are squeezed into situations that de-power them; women who are ready and willing to step into their own full power. I coach women individually in the Wise Woman Tradition, and also work with women in groups as we walk the path of a Daughter of the Earth.

The only constant in life is change. If you are ready for it, go ahead, create the world you yearn for!

My self-confidence depends on the fact that I have discovered my dimensions. It does not become me to make myself less than I am. - Edith Sodergran, Scandinavian Poet, 1892 - 1923

What Happens in Coaching?

Most coaching happens over the phone, although the coach and the coachee can meet in person if they live in the same area.

The first few sessions of coaching are spent in discovery - exploring your core values, your life purpose, your personal code of conduct, the way you move through the world. During this discovery we map out what you want from coaching, identifying concrete measures of success. We also design the coaching alliance that would best meet your needs. After the initial discovery sessions, we meet regularly, usually 3 times each month, continuing to deepen your learning while moving you into action that gets you to your goals and beyond.

How long do people work with a coach?

I ask people to make an initial commitment to coaching for 3 months. After that clients continue on a month to month basis for as long as they are getting the results they want. The practical, results oriented approach of coaching motivates you to make the changes you want in your life in a relatively short time.

Do you look around and think "There's got to be a better way..."?

Are you the one who notices the familiar way of problem solving doesn't work?

Do you have a vision for a different world, one that is more congruent with your values?

Are you called to make a difference in your family, your community, your work or the world?


Change Makers is the name I use for people who yearn for change, who are called to make things different, to make a difference. You have ideas and dreams, systems and creations, opinions and services that need to be lived. You think. You imagine. You experiment. You yearn for shifts. You like to rock the boat because you are visionaries. You see the path and where it's going and need to alter the direction. You are willing to take risks to follow your own knowing.

If you are a Change Maker, I want to be your coach!

Coaching can help you get crystal clear about your values and your vision, taking your dreams and moving them into goals fully supported by strategies and actions. The two prongs of coaching - learning and action - work together to give you the laser focus and the structure necessary to push your passion into manifestation.

Imagine this - a marriage of the dream and the practical actions that make the dream real. Imagine knowing in your bones how to live your purpose, how to channel your wisdom to make the differences you are called to. That is the success of coaching - it provides a solutions based vehicle to get you to live the changes you want to make in a way that works for you.

Would you be more likely to take the steps you know you need to if you had----

someone to be your witness in the creation process,
a sounding board and a truth teller,
someone to challenge you and acknowledge you and hold you accountable,
someone to remind you of your dream when you get immersed in the daily distractions,
someone who asks you the powerful questions that keep you focused,
someone who celebrates your success and helps you through your failures,
........a coach?

Want to try a sample session to see if coaching with me could get you where you want to be?

If you are approaching or in the middle of a major life transition then you, too, are a Change Maker - maybe not by your choice, but one none the less.

Transition is that power packed place before the birth of something completely new. Even though you know things are going to be different, you may not know how to get what you want or even what you want.

In the midst of transition, coaching can help you

  • realize you aren't crazy
  • determine what you want
  • come up with multiple action plans for getting what you want
  • see through the distractions, illusions and obstacles on you path
  • develop strategies and take action to get what you want
  • Thrive, not just Survive

I am passionately committed to creating a sustainable, life honoring, respectful, and peaceful future. One of the techniques I have developed to do this is to facilitate groups in a Far Visioning process. This interactive, challenging and thought provoking process gets participants thinking beyond their own life times. Shifting our focus beyond ourselves shakes some of our fundamental assumptions of time, work, personal power, and the choices we are making.

The Q'Ero people, the Inkas who fled to above 17,000 feet in the high Andes when the Conquistadors came, were my inspiration for this way of thinking. They have members of their tribe whose job it is to sit in vision, holding the vision of what they want for themselves and the earth in the future, some of their prayers considering who we will become even in 10,000 years!

We can't begin to imagine that far off (yet). We get as far ahead as we can and build backwards to the present, eventually arriving at a place where we are anchored to what has meaning for us, living in the moment, holding clearly the vision of the future we want and making choices to make it a reality.

What are your thoughts on this article?

So as you can see.  Paula White's claiming to be a "midwife of dreams" is in direct correlation to the new age teaching.  Nothing surprising there when you consider that Paula has become so attached to T.D. Jakes, TBN, and so many other Prosperity Gospel teachers who are using "new" modern ways of approaching the gospel.  More to come.

Living for Him,

Bob Wise