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Jesse Duplantis  False Preacher, part 2

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     Jesse Duplantis is at it again with his ridiculous teachings.  I watched his daily telecast on our local "Christian" television station and was not one bit surprised with the antics of brother Jesse.  He made it abundantly clear that jokes, sarcastic remarks and inappropriate comments were still a part of his resume'.
     Jesse began his sermon by talking about famous movie sequels and then applying sequels to the Bible which in itself was not a problem for me.  His analogy was fine in regards to how he relegated sequels to a biblical matter.  He explained how the Word told of John the Baptist, John the Baptist told of Jesus and how Jesus told of the Holy Spirit.  One sequel after another.  Not bad preaching actually.  But, and as always with brother Jesse, there is a but.  Jesse then got onto the subject of his popularity and how he cannot go anywhere without people bugging him in different ways.  He claims that when he goes to the Mall, he would like to go to the bathroom by himself but other men will not allow it.  He said one man claimed he would wait by the door until Jesse came out.  Another man wanted to talk with him while he was in a stall.  He said he loved his house and had lived in it for something like eighteen years, but, he and his wife were going to build a new house and were going to have to build a wall around it because of people always trying to get to him in one way or another.  Jesse continued to tell his congregation that he was not bragging but he also continued to talk about how important he was.  He mentioned that someone told him he should run of office and Jesse said that everyone in Louisiana knows who he is,  well maybe not everyone but most people do.  He claims he cannot even eat food some people give to him because it might be dangerous.  How this has anything to do with the Gospel is beyond me.
     Jesse went on to share a story of how a squirrel  had got into their attic or storage closet upstairs and how his wife claimed it was a monster squirrel and on and on but then he started talking about how the squirrel was a boy squirrel and that he had brought into Jesse's house a girl squirrel and that they were living in his house in sin.  Jesse said he was just gonna have to kick them both out because there was gonna be no sin in his house.  Jesse got a live trap from someone and caught the squirrels and took them outdoors to release them.  He said he released them in the same area and that they would be creating a sequel (babies) and he hoped that both the squirrels got saved in the future.  Now, I know that this all sounds like a joke, but for some reason Jesse was not laughing.  He mentioned the squirrels hopefully getting saved and never broke a smile and went on with his sermon.
     Jesse then went on to share how he had a daughter who he never in his entire life had said no to.  He claimed that when his daughter came to him asking for something, he would say, I would love to let you have or do this honey, but your mom said no. (paraphrased as I do not remember the exact words)
     Jesse then went on to tell about how his daughter when she was 13 years old, dressed up like a 21 year old and she came to ask him how she looked.  Jesse told his congregation about how his daughter was, "well endowed" for her age.  When ask by his daughter how she looked, Jesse told her she looked like a million dollars, but her mom yelled at her to go change into something that was more age appropriate.  What this has to do with the Gospel is beyond me.
     Jesse also talked about money and his explanation about money was quite the true Jesse Duplantis.  Jesse said; "I am not trying to get money, money is trying to get to me, because I have learned to master money."  There is no doubt in my mind that brother Jesse has learned to master money.  As mentioned in our other articles on Jesse, Jesse has jet planes, fancy headquarters, house, etc.
     Jesse also mentioned in his sermon that he had learned how to "Stir up the Gift of God in me".  One of the ways he must be stirring up the gift is when he claimed at the end of his show that if everyone would send in a gift of $1000, he could get 1000 people saved through his ministry.  He claimed God has told him to get 1,000,000 (million) partners to donate $1000 and that would allow Jesse to reach 1,000,000,000 (billion) souls.
     I found the sermon to be quite remarkable.  Jesse went from the Word of God to Stirring up the Gift to discussing how popular and important he (Jesse) is to discussing squirrel's living in sin to squirrels being saved to discussing how he was not a good role model in regards to parenting to discussing his daughters physical body to God telling him to get 1,000,000 to send in $1000 each. Most of all, I found that Jesse in trying to be a funny man and make people laugh and like him, makes a "Mockery of the Word of God"
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