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 Sex Evangelism Hits Evangelical Churches By Ingrid Schleuter

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This billboard was put up by Granger Community Church in Indiana.

I came across this article and could not believe it.  Then to my amazement, I found that many churches have held similar programs all across the country.  The billboard will be explained in the article below.  Surely this is just another sign of the end times we are in. BW, FWM

By Ingrid Schleuter of

Some parents who live near a Hooters restaurant in Granger, Indiana are pretty upset. Above the Hooters restaurant is a huge billboard with the photo of a man and woman, (presumably), their naked feet hanging out of an unmade bed. Underneath the photo are the words, “” The word “sex” is in red. These parents are outraged that their young children are asking questions about a subject that is inappropriate for their little minds. One of the mothers interviewed by a media outlet referred to the billboard as “disgusting.”
It would have been bad enough if the sign had been sponsored by Hooters, Viagra or Planned Parenthood. Imagine the surprise of the parents when they hit the Internet to find out the source of the offense and discovered it was Granger Community Church. Yes, at a time when it appears things can’t get any worse in our culture, the evangelical church is ready and willing to prove otherwise.
Sex is the new evangelism tool. Madison Avenue has been using sexuality to sell for generations, but now hip new churches are realizing the potential. Take, for example, Granger Community Church’s latest sermon series that prompted the offensive billboard campaign. It’s entitled, “Pure Sex.” The website says, “You’ll experience dramatic presentations dynamic multimedias and the music of Switchfoot, All-American Rejects, Pussy Cat Dolls and John Legend.” Who needs to sing hymns like “Praise My Soul The King of Heaven” in a Sunday morning worship service when you can get the sleazy Pussy Cat Dolls romping through your state-of-the-art sound system?
Not to be outdone, Five Oaks Community Church in Minnesota is presenting a sermon series entitled, “The Naked Truth About Sex.” Imagine having to explain to your 7-year-old what sex is because she saw the word on signs all over the church. Parents who are accustomed to shielding their little ones’ eyes from the magazines at the grocery checkout now must take the same precautions at church.
Christian publishing is pushing the envelope as well. The once respectable Harvest House Publishers is realizing the revenue potential with the new evangelical interest in sex enhancement and has just put out a new sex manual for Christians entitled, “Red-Hot Monogamy.” Authors Bill and Pam Farrel regale readers with their marital encounters in hot tubs and advise Christian couples that if they really want to keep the marriage bond strong, having sex in the garage and in the kitchen (every room in the house, they say) will get you bonus points. I can’t repeat much of what they write and the amount of personal information they share coupled with the pictures of themselves they create in the mind of the reader are enough to produce a high level of nausea. The book jacket says, “Do you long for sexual encounters with your spouse that leave you breathless, trusted intimacy that allows your soul to be naked as well as your body?....” Okay, get the picture? A pair of lips, slightly parted, adorns the jacket cover.
So what is behind this disgusting trend among Christians? The answer isn’t hard to find. Since the evangelical church has been taking its cues from the world for decades now, the last threshold has been crossed, the last taboo has now been broken. Anyone who objects to this crass, vulgarizing of the sacred act of marriage by the church is viewed as a Victorian bluenose who is hopelessly out of touch. The other term frequently thrown at those who object is the term, “Puritan.” Christians expect these accusations from Planned Parenthood lackeys out in the world, but they can now face the same charges from their more enlightened pastors and fellow church goers.
What the Bible says about sex and marriage is not complex. It doesn’t need the help of multi-media presentations or the help of skanky girl bands over the church sound system. Do not commit adultery. Fornication is wrong. The marriage bed is undefiled. I have heard these things taught for as long as I can remember, but they were taught with dignity and with a sense of the holiness of God and respect for the congregation. Children didn’t need to be excised from the church or have their ears and eyes covered to hear what was said. Unsaved neighbors didn’t have to complain in the secular media that the church billboards were corrupting their children. Discretion, wisdom and integrity were at work. Now pastors are engaged in church growth strip-tease to get more bodies into the church. “We have to get them in so they'll hear the truth,” pastors reason. It’s the same old thinking that man-made, Hollywood approved techniques must be employed to get people into the church. Forget the Holy Spirit, forget the power of the Gospel, hire the guys who do the Viagra commercials to promote our church. That’ll bring ‘em in by the droves.
It is evident that the Lord Jesus Christ has given over this rebellious church to a great delusion. One of the first signs of a church in apostasy is an increase in sensuality of all kinds. The church is carnal, the glory of the Holy Spirit has departed, and the results are a growing reliance on flesh-centered (quite literally) techniques to draw crowds. The pagan religions have always had sexuality as a chief component of their worship and Christians are now following their example. These churches and pastors claim they are responding to the false teaching on sexuality out in the world. By using coarse and titillating means, however, to draw in crowds, they are effectively cheapening the very thing they claim to respect.
In the process, the church is becoming a stench in the nostrils of even secular parents who are reduced to sponsoring petition drives to get a Christian church to take down its offensive billboards around town. When our evangelical churches are becoming stumbling blocks to little ones, God’s judgment can’t be far behind.

Please pray for these people as they are being led astray.