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Our Intent for FWM

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Our intent with this website is not to destroy anyone or any ministry, but to enlighten Christians and Non-Christians alike to the false teachings and false beliefs that are so prevalent in the world today.  There are so many preachers that are filling the pulpits today who teach something that sounds good, feels good and looks good, but is helping to deceive many souls and the potential is there for these persons to follow the wrong teachings and end up spending eternity in Hell instead of in Heaven where the Good Lord intended us all to be when this life is over. 

We do not wish to offend anyone with our articles, thoughts or teachings.  We as Bible believing Christians love everyone, just not everyone's message.  We, like most of you, believe that feeling good about something is a good thing.  But, preaching from the pulpit that feeling good and personal gain; is not enough.  Jesus certainly didn't teach personal gain, He taught the Kingdom and His coming again unto righteousness.

The reason we do not refrain from naming the names of the false preachers and false doctrines and cults is that we feel it is Scriptural to do so.  Without the names, how are you to know who and what we are talking about and how would you know who or what to be aware of.  We offer the names with much reservation, but feel it is necessary to do so.

Please take the time to read what we have to offer in our articles before you judge anything and I am sure you will begin to understand what we are talking about.  Once you have read the information, please take a lot of time to pray about what you have learned.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and to allow you to be balanced in your thoughts about this. Please do not take our word for what you read here.  Check it out yourself once you see what we are talking about and gather all the information you can before you make any lasting decisions.  Our sole intention is to help you to learn the difference between the True Gospel and it's entirety and the false Gospels that only show one side of what the Lord intended.  A lot of preachers teach the salvation message which is good, but they then continue on with a lot of false teachings and actions which can hurt the believer and non-believer alike and once hurt, a lot of those souls will turn away from God which would be sad indeed.

We here at Forgotten Word Ministries, have relied entirely on the Holy Spirit's leading.  We were  called to this Ministry by God and at that point wished to avail ourselves completely to His control.  We are not perfect by any means.  We are humans just like you and we have our difficulties and shortcomings like everyone else.

We do accept articles from other authors, but we first read them for correct content and then ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit as whether to include them on the website.  We have turned down articles in the past and I imagine we will turn down articles in the future.

We welcome your comments and suggestions via our Guestbook to voice your opinions on our site and its content.  We would ask that you refrain from any offensive language as this is a Christian site and we refrain from that type of language in our daily lives as well as our internet lives.

God Bless each of you and we pray that the website will be beneficial to you in your search for the truth.

Bob Wise