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Preachers of False Teachings

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Adam - Dreamhealer

The Dream Healer?
by Robert Wise





Richard Bonnke



William M. Branham


Rodney Howard Browne Kim Clement


Kenneth Copeland



Paul Crouch


Creflo Dollar


Jesse Duplantis



John Hagee


Ted Haggard



Kenneth (dad) Hagin


Marilyn Hickey


Benny Hinn


T.D. Jakes


Prophet Bernard Jordan



Patricia King



Marcus Lamb
Daystar Television


C.S. Lewis



Joyce Meyer


Mike Murdock


Joel Osteen



Joel Osteen


Joel Osteen


Frederick K. C. Price Oral Roberts


Pat Robertson



Jerry Sevelle Robert Schuller


Robert Tilton


Jack Van Impe


Rick Warren


Paula White


Oprah Winfrey



Arnold Murray


Rod Parsley


Peter Popoff



Note: Not all these preachers or ministries are as bad as each other. Some are preaching Jesus and Him crucified but have added to the Bible to suit their own personal or selfish wishes therefore creating a false doctrine and teaching.  Others, are not even preaching the same Jesus we know and love from the Bible.  This information is here to help you so that you can test it against what the Bible teaches and then determine for yourself what is true or false.