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The Saddest Thing About Going to Hell

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Scripture: Mark 9:43-9:48

A. If YOU truly believed that Jesus Christ would come back tomorrow, what a Difference there would be in YOUR LIFE!

B. The same is true if YOU believed in a literal, physical HELL!

C. In a recent
survey, it was determined that 35% of Baptists; 54% of Presbyterians, 58% of Methodists, and 60% of Episcopalians DO NOT Believe in a literal place called HELL! 71% of the 8 leading seminaries in the United States Do Not Believe in either Heaven or Hell.

D. Dr. A. C. Dixon stated, "If we had more preaching on Hell, then we would have Less of it in our communities!"

E. Today, Hell is thought of as a Joke! Hell Is No Joke, my friends!

F. The English word for "Hell" appears in the Word of God 54 times.

G. In the New Testament alone, the "eternality of Hell" occurs 126 times; while Jesus spoke of Heaven only once, He spoke of Hell eleven (11) times!

H. I do not preach on Hell tonight simply to those of YOU that may be Lost; I also preach on Hell so that Christians may become more burdened for the Lost!

I. In our text that we read, we found that there are many terrible tor-ments that are associated with Hell.

J. Let us examine some of the Torments of Hell before I suggest to YOU the "Saddest Thing About Going to Hell".

II. 10 Terrible Torments of Hell

A. Eternal Association with the Wicked (2 Pet. 2:4; 9; Rev. 21:8)

1. Hell was not created for mankind, but rather for the devil and and his angels; as well as the Beast &
False Prophet (Rev. 20)
2. Rev. 21:8 - list of wicked who will spend
eternity in Hell.

B. Eternal Separation from Loved Ones (Lk. 13:28; 16:19-31)

1. Jesus told the unsaved religious leaders of His day that there would be "weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out."
2. In Lk. 16, you can read about a missionary-minded man in Hell who was concerned about his five (5) brothers still alive.
3. My friend, many of you may have children who are saved; but did YOU know that if the Lord comes or you die lost, you’ll be forever separated from them???

C. Eternal Darkness (2 Pet. 2:4; 17; Jude 13; Matt. 8:12)

1. All of these verses speak of the torment of Darkness in Hell!
2. Can YOU imagine what "Blackness of Darkness" is???
3. In Egypt, (Ex. 10:21-23), the Bible says that Darkness was felt by people during the plagues upon the land.
4. Bob Jones Sr. once spoke of a parrot whose eyes were clawed out by a cat - "Hell is God’s Eternal - ‘Good Night’!"

D. Eternal Death (Rev. 20:13-14)

1. When Death & Hell are cast into the Lake of Fire, it is referred to as the 2nd Death!
2. It is quite obvious that at that time, There Will Be NO Second Chances!! No More Hope of Being Saved!
3. The 2nd Death does not mean annihilation or extinction; It means Separation from LIGHT!

E. Unspeakable Sorrow (Multiple Passages)

1. Mk. 9; Matt. 13; Lk. 13; and many other passages speak of the awful sorrows that will be in Hell!
2. Hell is a place devoid of any and all forms of JOY!
3. No Laughter; No Jokes; No Parties; No Delights; No Thrills; No Happiness of any kind!

F. Bitter, Biting, Burning Remorse & Memory (Lk. 16)

1. What a terrible torment will be memories of happiness never to be enjoyed again; joy once felt, but not any more.
2. The awfulness of knowing that you will never have an opportunity to get out of this place of darkness and torment!
3. Dan. 12:2 states, "And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt."

G. Unsatisfied Cravings (Lk. 16)

1. Like the rich man in Hell thirsting for just a drop of water to cool his parched tongue, YOU too will have cravings that will never be satisfied.
2. You will find it impossible to escape even for a brief moment.

H. Despair & Hopelessness (Matt. 25:41; 46; Rev. 14:10-11)

1. Matt. 25:41; 46 both speak of the eternality of Hell (Read)
2. Rev. 14:10-11 (Read)
3. One thing that is clearly taught in the Scriptures - Hell is Forever and Ever and Ever!!!

I. Unquenchable Flame of Fire (Matt. 13:41-42; 49-50)

1. Fire produces the greatest possible physical pain know to mankind!
2. The torment of the brimstone & fire of Hell is undescribable.

J. Sounds Produced by Those in Hell (Mk. 9; Matt. 13)

1. The flesh worms eating at one’s flesh!
2. The Weeping and Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth!
3. Illustration - One man said, "What about those of us who have NO Teeth?" The witty preacher replied, "Teeth Will Be Provided; Teeth Will Be Provided!!"

III. What Is "The Saddest Thing About Going to Hell???"
The Saddest Thing About Going to Hell Is - "REALIZING THAT YOU DID NOT HAVE TO GO THERE!!!"

I believe this was written by Tom Graham

with Janice Marsh 

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