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Charismatics Using ‘Christian Ouija Board’ to Communicate with Angels
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A week ago, we reported that charismatics are using “Christian tarot cards.” Christalignment, a ‘ministry’ run by Jen Hodge, had put together a “destiny card” schtick to help “reach people” in the New Age movement. You can read about that here, but they have since pulled down their videos. We also reported Hodge’s association with Bethel Church, which at first repudiated the tarot card ministry but upon finding out that Bethel members were involved with it, then deleted their rebuke and affirmed the practice. Steve Kozar at Pirate Christian Radio posted a satire piece about “The Bethel Board,” a Ouija Board-type device by which charismatics can summon the demonic.

While Kozar’s piece was satire, it appears that truth is stranger than fiction. Charismatics actually are using ‘Christian Ouija Boards,’ but not just as an evangelism technique. They are using them to communicate with ‘angels.’

Called “The Angels Talk: The Message Board that Connects You to Your Angels,” the device is used to communicate with spirits.

angel ouija board 

If it looks like a Ouija Board to you, that’s because that’s exactly what it is. Consider a Ouija Board below…

ouija board 

The only difference is, the Ouija Board is less subtle. The Angel’s Message Board is identically designed to help people communicate with (non-fallen) angels.

One five star review on Amazon, where it can be purchased (although only used, because it’s currently not in production), said the following:

I have been on a path of spiritual enlightenment for 1 year now. I have two other friends who have shared this path with me. We share books, experiences, thoughts and feelings, but when one of us (not me) bought this book and “game” board to communicate with our higher-level guides or “guardian angels,” it became a turning point in my journey. I didn’t think I was “advanced enough” or “spiritual enough” to make this thing work. I learned, in about 2 minutes, that doubting myself was doubting God and his angels! In one evening, I met my higher guide, felt unconditional love, and knew I wasn’t alone and never had been. I was convinced, beyond all reason, of the presence of my angel. To this date, I call him “J” as we haven’t yet tuned our energies to really work out the spelling of the name… I asked him if “J” would be okay, and he said, “yes.” He has answered to “J” ever since! One evening, before I was able to acquire an “angel board” of my own, I tried an Ouija Board. It took several attempts before J was able to answer me, but when he did, I asked if he prefered the angel board and he responded “yes.” We had a very difficult, short conversation that night. The angel board is a MUST for all those who seek a closer relationship with their guardian angel, and who have not had much practice in meditation and raising their energies to a compatible level with the light bodies waiting to guide us!

A four star review said…

I bought my Angels Talk 8 months ago. I purposely waited to give my review. I have had the best 8 months of my life. I have never been so at peace with myself. My friends and family have said that I am more patient and loving. I want everyone to know that Angels are very real. They are just waiting for us to communicate with them. They want to talk to us as much as we want to talk to them. The Angels have important and loving messages to give us and if we want, lessons to be learned. They are very funny too! In a previous review, I was very sad to see a review by a person from Rome. I think he missed a very important part of what the Angels Talk is all about. He is absolutely right when he said people need to be careful of Ouiji type boards. He was right when he said people sometimes don’t realize what they’re getting themselves into. What he missed was that you don’t need a Ouiji board to call spirits or worse, demons. Our minds are sooo powerful, all we have to do is want it. The Angels Talk is to communicate with Angels and nothing else. You could bring anything out if you chose to. “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.” This is very true. We begin our session with a prayer, “We call on the Angels of God from the throne of grace to be with us as we play, and only Angels of God.” The Angels will protect you and will not allow anything negative to come thru. We have only had loving, wonderful sessions and I have soo much better understanding of my souls purpose in this lifetime. EVERY message from the Angels has had a positive effect, even if it wasn’t apparent at the time. I so hope you give it a chance. If you do, your life will be changed forever and you will love it!

Another five star review said…

I bought “The Angels Talk” nearly three years ago, after I had a premonition I could not explain. I have been able to contact my Angels and a few others’ as well. Every thing they told me has come true, in fact, they answered by telling me the answers to thoughts my friends and family had with out my knowing. It wasn’t until I told them their answer that they admitted to thinking or “praying” the original questions.. this blew me away.
If you have any doubts that the angels MAY be fallen ones, or that there will be negative forces on it.. there will be. You must allow for only positive and realize that evil and fear is the opposite of love and can’t co-exist anywhere. Keep your expectations only on positive, loving angels and that is what you will receive. I highly reccommend “The Angels Talk” and would love to talk to someone else who has experienced similar experiences with it.

Another five star review said…

My cousins friend has this book/game and it is so awsome. We spoken with her angel who is so honest and true. I believe iin her angel truely. After playing that game where we really connected with her angel, I had so much hope and confidence. I truely beleve in angels and I hope to one day get in touch with my angel and hopefully one day in heaven meet mine and her angel.

The Angel Message Board was created by Kaye Sturgis, who just so happens to be a tarot card psychic. Sturgis has also made tarot cards designed for teenage girls to help them make “wise relationship choices.”

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